This is so funny I forgot to laugh

The POWER went off last night. No reason I could see. Worse than that, the generator did not roll over. The generator that I had trouble with last week, that our service company came quickly to “service”, telling me when they left, it’s good to go……well, it ain’t pal. It ain’t.

But this tops the cake of not funny!!!

Add that I’m grumpy the time changed and I could be grumpy all day. And tomorrow. And even the next day.

6 thoughts on “This is so funny I forgot to laugh

  1. If you’re already grumpy, you might not want to know that tomorrow night you’re in the 3-6” more snow band. Hope the propane tank is full.

    Many people have had generator problems in this series of storms. Good luck.

    1. Once there was enough daylight we went and started the generator manually. So now we’ve got generator power at least. What’s not working is the auto transfer switch.
      When the service guy was here he said all his service calls were for similar generator error codes: OC for overcrank.

  2. We’re expecting 6-12” of snow beginning tomorrow night and continuing all day Tuesday. Power outages and coastal erosion possible.
    Blue skies today.

    1. No way. I didn’t see you were in the path. Yesterday in the mail I got a letter from my landscaper/lawn mowing team, a contract renewal form. In it was a letter that said something like “what a mild winter it’s been”. Obviously written before March. 😬

      It’s beautiful here today too. Bright sunshine but snow not melting. Not warm enough.

  3. While you’re dealing with power on power off issues, I’ve been laughing my ass off all morning at Trump’s description of Little Chuckie Todd. Sleeping Son of a Bitch. I mean, if that isn’t going to re-elect Trump in a landslide, I don’t know what will. Chuck was dutifully offended as were his partners in fake news crime.

    1. Hysterical. I didn’t see it real time but this morning I’m loving seeing all the indignation by his liberal peers. Best. Line. Ever.

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