The Beta Male. You Can Have them.

Alpha Males are a dying bred – or so the world of advertising and media wants you to think. In our household, alpha males rule. Thank heavens.

I fell over backwards last week seeing the cover of a magazine embracing the beta male.

Like what on earth is this?????????????

The modern feminist has neutered the alpha male. Calls them toxic. Says they mansplain. Calls the subway cops because an alpha male is manspreading. An alpha male today is presumed guilty of all sins unless proven otherwise. And proven innocent by law doesn’t mean proven innocent by social media.

The darling of the media is the Beta Male. He willingly and happily does the family laundry. He willingly and happily mops and dusts and vacuums. He easily juggles all the children.

Now, please do NOT misunderstand me. Nothing is more heartwarming than a sensitive man who loves his children and his family enough to be there when needed. I get that and I love that about the Alpha Men around me. But the Beta Male is by default the caregiver and housekeeper because he defers to the woman in the relationship (if there IS a woman!). I can’t imagine having a Beta Male as a son-in-law.

There’s a Cheerios ad with a dad teaching his daughter how to shave her legs by shaving his own. Now really, does anyone have to teach a teenage girl how to shave her legs? I don’t think so. No one taught me and I figured it out. But the ad is supposed to pull at our heartstrings that this caring dad loves his daughter so much he would shave his legs. Go away. Please.

I can’t think of an ad today where I’m not being Virtue Signaled or lectured to the point it’s impossible to know what the ad is for.

I think what’s happened is the women of today want more than Having It All, with the goal of eliminating all Alpha Males. The Feminists want pliable malleable men – men who can be and willingly be molded into sock puppets for amusement. From what I see on TV and in magazines, plenty of Beta men are happy and excited to take that role of being subservient. Some Beta Males even feel it’s their duty to give the woman whatever she wants, at their own expense. Like the male actors who take less pay so their female counterparts can make more.  I don’t get it but then gain I’m old and I know only Alpha Males.

This would be MY kind of stroller dad!!


20 thoughts on “The Beta Male. You Can Have them.

  1. I have a Beta Male SON. I don’t know how it happened. I didn’t see it coming. I don’t like it at all.

      1. Where we’re from they are called SoyBoys, not Beta. Same thing though. simpering whimpering excuses for men.

  2. So much great stuff in this post to comment on but I just have to say, I HATE that ad with the dad teaching his daughter to shave her legs. I hate it so much it makes my teeth hurt. I can’t watch it.
    And you know why it’s truly lousy and ineffective for advertising purposes? I had no idea it was for Cheerios. Not a clue what it was an ad for.
    One word for so many of the ads today: cloying.

    1. It’s actually an ad for toilet paper but it might as well be Cheerios for all the relateability to the product the teeth gnashing commercial has. I’m embarrassed for this man.

  3. No Beta males in our family. Beta males are NeverTrumpers

    Over and out for a week or so. Closing moved to Monday at noon. Leased a sweet Winnebago Class C. Leaving Tuesday morning for parts unknown.

    1. Peter. I’m so happy for you. I know this had been a tough time since the hurricane. We all know the adage- if mamma ain’t happy, nobody is happy. True! The RV is perfect. Looks easy to drive. Comfortable. Manageable. Check in when you can. Best wishes from all of us.

  4. This kind of reminds me of the commercial that starts out “women are amazing”. Why don’t women, of which I am one, find this patronizing?

    1. Women today don’t know what they want. They’re told to be CEOs of engineering firms or tech companies or they are useless. (Not really but you get my drift). No ads for women aspiring to be elementary school teachers or secretaries. Being a full time mom is almost heretical. I feel sorry for today’s young women. They have to be true to media and not themselves.

      1. It’s funny how they chant diversity is the best thing ever and they turn around and box people in. It’s not just with women.

  5. Gotta think the cover, after reading the article, is click-bait-ish. After all, Mike Judge (Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill, Idiocracy, etc.) who created Silicone Valley is probably more notable for lampooning the BM than fostering it (them).

    Think this might trigger a few femi-NAZIS and their soy boy concubines?

    1. Ha. I never thought to read the article! Good point about it being click bait!

      Now please tell me that’s a real Burger King ad and not an SNL skit. That was awesome.

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