Power on. Internet on. Cable TV on. Roads decent, with a few exceptions. Lots of chores today to play catch up so until I regroup, here’s a few photos from Thursday morning, after the 18″ snow fall.

My beautiful birch tree doing the downward dog yoga position.

Other trees and the big old lilac bushes, crushed under the weight of the wet snow.

Birds weren’t going to get any seed!

But this is my favorite photo. A patio umbrella wearing a snow cap!

I’ll create some non-snow, non-sister blog posts later today. Happy Friday!

16 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Hello from Vero. I snuck out of town before the first storm and decided to hang out until the all-clear siren goes off. Greenwich wasn’t affected by your Wednesday hit although many people told me they lost power. Backcountry friends specifically.

    Glad the worst is over. Sending Florida sunshine.

  2. I like your sister posts. I am surrounded by progressives (the 2016 election party was one for the books) who constantly make snide, smug comments that I can’t respond to because I am in stealth mode, but, they aren’t members of my family that require certain accommodations for the long term relationship to be maintained.

    1. It’s a fine line to blog about family. My kids say please not us but I occasionally do blog about their lives. I try and be respectful and give them the privacy they deserve.
      One of the reasons I maintain the lie to my mother and sister that the blog ended a long time ago is so I could vent a bit about family. It isn’t a comfortable place for me because I love the whole lot of them. We’re a motley crew. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to my relationship with my sister when my mother dies. Mom is the only reason now we communicate. Hmmmm.

      I’ve heard from so many people that their families split over Trump. I’m sorry you are in a similar boat. How did you end up being the conservative in a sea of California progressives?

      1. Firstly, I am glad you can blog about it because ‘a trouble shared is a trouble halved’ and it’s just fun to be a fly on the wall.

        The funny thing is, I never thought of myself as conservative, just libertarian (I didn’t even vote for Reagan preferring Anderson (Reagan did work out fine). Somehow California changed – for the worse. I have to keep my mouth shut because both employment and social contacts are at stake (there is no ‘agree to disagree’ in this environment).

        1. Funny, when I wrote the word “conservative” I hesitated because I’ve read your comments for a long time (here and elsewhere) that “Libertarian” was what I almost said.

          Office Politics have serious consequences. Far more than family dynamics. Danmore learned that at Google but glad he’s got the courage and backing to speak out.

  3. Do you take requests?i would love a post with your thoughts on the Ted Kennedy movie.if I recall correctly you lived out on the vineyard?

  4. It’s beautiful, but I sure am glad I’m not there! I don’t think our house got as much as you, though. We are still south for another few days.

    I would do what you can to heal/forgive your relationship with your sister before your mom goes…my relationship with my brothers is pretty much shot after splitting up her estate. We weren’t close before, but not hating each other either. I’m not sure how things can heal in our case.

    Try and forgive her, as she knows not what she does. (Nor do any of us, for that matter)🙏🌴

    1. I get along fine with my sister. I know it doesn’t seem so, but I can be (and usually am) civil. I love her daughters and her grandchildren. Her husband is a peach. It’s not I who should forgive. I’m not the one being scorned. I didn’t begrudge her her Obama vote. Nor her vote for Kasich. She’s the one lording the Trump is a (fill in the blank) over me. Fr the time being, she has little use for me. And for now, it’s easier for me to step back and let her get over it than be in her face.

      You are right tho – so many families are torn apart after the parents die – often over money and hurt feelings. Advice accepted.

      Stay south as long as you can!

      1. I’m glad you at least get along with her and it seems to be mostly political. I hope you didn’t think I was judging you as right or wrong. Communication is hard! The thing to do with a desert is leave (release everyone involved by refusing to engage in any form of honoring error), and it sounds like you’re doing just that.

        You can rejoice that my hubs is finally coming around to seeing that Trump is doing a good job (despite us getting the worst of the tax”break”) and not some bullying baboon 🙏

        1. You can say anything to me here. I know that you are coming from a good place so I took nothing you said as being judgmental.

          I know lots of people who are getting the worst of Trump’s tax breaks but I see it this way – if he brings back lots of manufacturing jobs, gives the middle class the sense that the economy is improving and they have hope for a better future, then okay, I’ll pay for for that.

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