Yes, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

And I can prove it.

I was with my liberal TrumpHating sister yesterday and it was all I could do to keep myself from decking her. I felt like I was locked in a room I couldn’t escape with Rosie O’Donnell, Alyssa Milano, Madonna, Meryl Streep, Linda Sansour, Barbra Streisand, JK Rowling, Rachael Maddow, Mika Brzezinski, Maxine Waters, Lena Dunham, Oprah, and Hillary Clinton….ALL ROLLED INTO ONE!!

I’d say immigration today is NOTHING like when our grandparents came over. She’d say “WELLLLLLLLL, Melaaaaania came over by chain migration.” Yes, that tone too. Disdain was more than implied!!

She’d say all illegal immigrants should be given a quick path to citizenship, that they are all hard working. I said come up to Mount Kisco sweetie. Spend a few days with me and see the hordes of illegals living free off the system. She said, most just made a mistake by overstaying their visa. Mistaaaake, I said? Mistake??? Hardly.

At lunch, my mom said Did you hear The Roseanne Show is returning?? I said YES YES YES, can’t wait. I love that show. My sister grimaced, shook her head, and said Ugh. Since I was feeling particularly feisty, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Have you ever SEEN the show?
Sis: No.
Me: Then why did you say Ugh?
Sis: [Defensively], I never said I don’t like the show
Me: But you shook your head and groaned. What was that for? You do know the show was about Deplorables before the word Deplorable came to our everyday use. 
Sis: [Crickets]

She railed about women scientists fighting in a man’s world because Trump…..

The irony in all this is she lives in rarefied air. All the people around her hate Trump, she only watches MSNBC (she loves Maddow and O’Donnell, saying Lawrence O’Donnell is the smartest man on the planet), the NY Times is her Gospel According to Liberals, and her talking points have no balance to them. She’s UNWILLING to listen to reason and UNWILLING to enter into a conversation because she feels she’s 1000% right and that people like me, and my mom, are fools for falling for the likes of a huckster president. It’s the tone in her voice that’s the hardest to take, the tone of haughtiness, the tone of arrogance that she’s my better. I didn’t want to tell her but it was the elite arrogance that brought about the Trump victory.

Now, if ONLY I could get mom that Trump photo shoot, my work will be done as the better sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tough part is that my sister and I have heretofore gotten along. We haven’t always agreed but there’s never been an ocean between us. Trump is the ocean that is the divider. She’s a very angry person today, so different than the sister I once knew well. I don’t know this person at all and quite frankly, she doesn’t like me at all, just because of my conservative political views.

It’s painful to watch unfold. My mother finds it difficult to deal with but she loves my sister so mom doesn’t talk politics with my sister. It’s all very sad.

So much for my rant and airing family laundry. The real topic is the weather – snow, and lots of it. We’re in the 12+ range, snowing now but ever so slightly. All schools are closed, even the trash company robocalled last night to say don’t put trash out today. I’m ready. The service company came and looked at the generator. It’s running properly again now and if need be, should kick in if we lose power with this storm.

Happy Hump Day. Got snow? Got a political enemy in your family???

31 thoughts on “Yes, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

  1. How did the subject of politics even come up? Why bother when you know it’s going to cause infighting? Talk about the weather.

    1. Fair question and I honestly don’t know the answer. I don’t think anything started out talking about politics – the Roseanne conversation turned into one, my fault, but it so pissed me off that my sister hated something that she never saw just because it was about people she knew she couldn’t relate to or who were beneath her station.

      The immigration convo was a segue I think, from talking about a book she read. I do know better than to start arguments with her, but sometimes (okay many times) I can’t stand being treated like I’m nothing because of my vote.

  2. I agree with Anonymous. Just don’t engage her in politics. If you know her thing is to lord over you as your better, why give her the satisfaction of demeaning you?

  3. I am a week away from our annual sisters weekend in NYC. In honor of our mother, so that she may Rest In Peace, we do not discuss religion or politics. I love my sisters and they love me but we are worlds apart on most issues. Not worth the effort and angst of arguing.

    1. All that is true and everyone is right in telling me I should stay away from politics but I don’t think we ever INTENDED to talk politics – it’s just evolved from a side subject. I was in the car with her for four of my six hour round trip drive yesterday plus all the hours with mom in Wilmington. I guess I finally couldn’t take the tone of condescension in her voice. It got to me.

      Have a wonderful time with your sisters!!

  4. I agree – don’t engage. Just look away. Your blog is like my secret sin – haha. Have you ever watched the sit com Superior Donuts?

    1. I am torn. While I can see everyone’s point that I should NOT engage and I get that, I do NOT want my sister to think she “won”. I felt I had to stand up for myself. I guess it was a big mistake.

      Ha, I LOVE being your secret sin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a compliment.

      I’ve only watched Superior Donuts once, the very first episode. Then I either forgot about it or don’t have that channel on at the time it comes on. Should I record and watch it every week?

      1. Just try it a few times. It’s not great like Last Man Standing, but it had a good moment or two each week. Last week it was about gentrification, and the hypocrisy of people who pay huge amounts of money to reconnect with old school things (like donut holes). Judd Hirsch play the old guy. It’s a cast of characters I like to smile with each week.

      2. We won the election – enough said. Your sister has already lost and she knows it that’s why she strikes back.
        I work in higher education which is “sick” with liberalism in my opinion, so I don’t put myself out there unless I am asked a question directly. My closest people know I voted for Trump and they don’t talk about it.
        One coworker, whom I love dearly and we are the same age (66) are like Mutt and Jeff together, is a huge Trump hater and it is made worse because her husband, and sons, are Trump supporters. So she is experienced in the back and forth mud slinging which has ended up with so much vitriol in their family that one of her sons will no longer speak to her. It’s so sad so see people get sucked into this.
        Take the higher road. Show respect for others, including your sister, even when they make bad choices. Be the change.

  5. I say engage. After all, Trump won because we conservatives got sick and tired of being walked all over and finally got the balls to get out and vote.

    1. I think the point readers are trying to make is engaging is fruitless because there’s no conversation. No ability to reason.

      Herewith another tale I forgot to mention: in the car. I don’t know how it came up, my sister said there is a second Chick-Fil-A opening in the city, again said with a certain tone. One of her co-workers loves Chick-Fil-A said there was a fee giveaway of sandwiches as a promotion for the new opening. My sister said she saw a string of blonde bombshells (her exact words) handing out sandwiches and she took one. A man across the street yelled at her and told her not to take one that C-F-A hated gays. Sis yelled back – It’s NOT for ME. Then she editorialized to me, saying CFA is just like Pence, they hate gays and promote an anti-gay work environment.

      This was one instance where I chose NOT to engage. I could see there was no logic to her venom – just parroting liberal talking points. I turned up the car radio.

      1. Had your sister been stuck at the Atlanta airport during that December Sunday power outage would she have turned down a free Chick Fil A sandwich?
        Don’t take the bait. Merely smile knowingly. It’ll drive her nuts.
        Hmm. Got to figure out how to get that photo for your Mom.

        1. Years ago she knew one person who worked in corporate CFA who “reported” to my sister that the corporate environment was hateful. One story, learned second hand, but it must be true??? I don’t get it. So, yes, I do think she’d refuse the CFA sandwich.

  6. Your sister loooooves to get you riled up! Don’t give her the opportunity. I’m with Swanton. Just smile. By the way, does she know about/look at your blog?

    1. I understand everyone’s position that I shouldn’t engage and normally I don’t. It’s just yesterday was the perfect storm of events/conversation and ninner-ninner moments that made me go for the jugular.

      A couple of years ago I told my mother and sister I stopped blogging because I actually did take a break. I just didn’t choose to tell them I started back up. My mother, all well-meaning, would often say things like “You can’t blog about THAT” or “you better not say THAT”. My sister looked at the blog occasionally but is not a blog reader by nature so I am 100% sure she doesn’t know I’m blogging again.

  7. It’s hard not to engage leftists, because for them, everything is political. Everything is a pretext for them to spout their emotion-laden beliefs, so they’re the ones who bring up politics despite our best efforts at comity.

    1. Here’s the thing. My sister has always been quite moderate politically. She voted once for Obama but not the second time. She voted for Bush but like many of us later regretted it. She was not a fan of Hillary. She liked Kasish and voted for him in the primary. For whatever reason her hatred of All Things Trump has turned into a very angry person. It’s very strange. My b-i-l, who I adore, is also a moderate, more R than D, didn’t vote for Trump but has since complimented him in certain of his accomplishments.

  8. Ed Note: For the first time ever, I blocked a commenter. This person has been on my case for a while, offering no constructive opinion, just hate. So bye bye pal.

  9. This subject fascinates me. I have a Masters in psychology and have long believed that liberalism is, in fact, a distinct form of mental illness. My support for this involves my mother in law and sister in law, two peas in a rotting, left wing pod.
    Both have lived morally questionable lives. One a sometime lesbian whose had multiple abortions (go figure that!) and the other, four failed marriages. Every ounce of them hates, HATES any person, entity or institution that they perceive judges their choices. And they need these boogeymen In order to support their belief that they are in fact superior because they are diverse underdogs. It defines them and protects them from facing the real truth about themselves. That’s why they are so violently reactive to contrary facts.
    In addition, my mother in law is an heiress who has never had to work a single day in her life. Boy oh boy the guilt that goes with that. So of course she hates rich people.
    See what I mean? They just ain’t right in the head.
    End of dissertation 😊

    1. I don’t think I’ve read a more intriguing comment than this one of yours. It’s a best selling novel and a reality show all rolled into one hot mess. My complaints about a sister pale in comparison to your family! God Bless!!

  10. i’m the conservative in a family of liberals. With three college degrees my family knows enough not to pull the “I’m smarter than you “argument, and I’m proud to say that I raised my kids to make up their own minds on issues. That said, they know that I absolutely refuse to talk politics at family gatherings. I daily read the NYTimes (ugh!) and watch Fox News so that I’m exposed to the spectrum of opinion. Then I keep my mouth shut. Bibi

    1. You are wise. I was not. My sister is far more book smart than I. But I’m the one who can walk and chew gum. I’ll take me any day.
      Mr. EOS and I talked at great length about young children of today’s liberals who spout vile TrumpHate taught them by their parents. I’m with you Bibi, that I raised kids to make up their own minds. We don’t always agree but I’m proud of that. They think on the merits of something.
      I am a WSJ reader but follow NYT on Twitter. I follow CNN and other liberals too so see their take in any given situation. I don’t watch Fox except for The Five and even that show is mute-worthy often. Fox Biz is for me at 6am. Maria.

  11. There’s got to be something else going on here. It’s clear from your post and responses to comments that both you and your sister are actively engaging on an issue that clearly is a source of extreme tension and disagreement. Why? Often when people do this it’s a passive-aggressive way of disguising some other conflict. E.g., when teenagers express views or opinions that they know their parents disagree with as a means of shocking them — that’s just an indirect way of saying, I’m my own person with my own views. So what might either of you be trying to say to the other through these provocations?

    You say you don’t want to fight and want a better relationship, but seem torn about whether it’s worth having to keep quiet on politics if that what it takes to achieve that. That suggests the relationship is not really that important to you — you acknowledge that the political conversations are pointless in that you’re just talking past one another. So why are you questioning whether those pointless squabbles are worth more than your relationship? Is not letting your sister think she “won” some petty point that has no direct impact on either one of your lives that important?

    If your relationship is really important to you, then I think you need to have a come to Jesus with your sister. Try to figure out why you’re needling one another and if you can’t, at least set some ground rules. Try to approach it with humor so you don’t feel like your interactions will be stilted. It may be that even after that she won’t be able to comply, still making passive aggressive comments and trying to get a reaction from you. But the best thing you can do in that situation is to be the adult in the room and not engage.

    1. Sorry to disappoint but there’s never been any drama or conflict in our sibling relationship. Not growing up. Not as adults. We’ve been respectful of the others point of view. We often agreed on big subjects. Trump is the only subject causing the divide.

    2. I don’t think there’s anything else going on. EOS was letting off steam, that’s all. I’m glad she thinks enough of her readers to share her annoyance.

    3. You’re assuming that liberals are reasonable people who can be engaged intelligently.
      Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

  12. Dear EOS. I agree with those of us who think that it might be maddening, but healthier, to engage with your sister. You have to know and prepare your talking points, but a conversation is much better than being and thinking unpleasant thoughts. You probably know how her mind works aka Trump. You could say that you are not necessarily a disciple’ (even if you are). Then ask yourself why you voted for Trump (like I do) and feel secure, if often frustrated with him
    Ps we are still waiting for the snow up here in Boston

  13. I disagree that liberalism IS a mental disorder. It seems to me to be both or either, depending upon the subject in question, a symptom of Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) or a cause of Depression.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t honestly think liberalism is a mental disorder. It’s just a phrase. But I appreciate your insight. Thanks for stopping by.

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