Proverbial Winter Wonderland. NEW: A CosH photo. UPDATE BELOW.

Easily 10+” of snow already with heaviest band on its way. Through 11pm. Gorgeous outside and very very quiet. Electricity ON. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Right before I clicked the video button, I heard a loud crack in a tree nearby. Nothing fell that I could see but the cracking noise was definite.

CosHarbour updated his Table for Four Flurries Foto! Incredible.

UPDATE Thursday morning: Power out but generator humming. Cable and internet out. Many many road closures reported. I’m guessing 18″ of snow. One of the biggest dumps of snow I can remember. The trees are bent over under the weight. I’ll take daytime photos later. Hope everyone else is okay.

Update 2: Tried posting new photos. So little cell signal the photos won’t upload. The circle of death. I can’t even seem to refresh the comments page within my WP admin. Nor can I reply to messages there. Sorry.

20 thoughts on “Proverbial Winter Wonderland. NEW: A CosH photo. UPDATE BELOW.

      1. To make you feel bad, I’m in my swim trunks out by the pool, gentle breeze with a temp of 72. I’d send pictures, but that would be mean. Came over from BlogDog and I am not Walt, but do aspire to some of his wisdom. Sorry about the sister situation. Keep warm.

        1. Pool. Swim trunks. Gentle breeze. Sounds wonderful. Lucky you!!! Always happy to welcome BlogDog readers, and what guy doesn’t aspire to some of Walt’s wisdom?!
          Thanks for stopping by.

          Power just went back on. Cable and internet too. But so much around me is still closed. The Town of Mount Kisco says a major thoroughfare into town remains CLOSED. I was going to try grocery shopping tomorrow but I worry that everything on the shelves will be old or gone through some power surging.

    1. I think Geneva I think snow first. Then chocolate. Then yodeling. Then the car show. Pretty car for sure. How would it do in the snow?

        1. That was friggin EXTRAORDINARY!!!!! I’ve forwarded the YT clip to the boys. That would be a dream day for them. I had to look up where Fonna Glacier is (western Norway) and I didn’t know the driver either. That clip made my day.

          What material do you think the tire studs were made of that would grip in the snow? Also, towards the end if the clip, I wouldn’t have wanted to be the camera man at one of the slalom gates …the Lamborghini came awfully close to sliding into the guy.

        2. Not sure about the studs, my guess is the same material of standard studs, just more of them. Yeah, I thought that one photographer nearly got it (of course, then, I start noticing all the other photogs out there).
          What goes up, must come down:

        3. All the photogs and the drone. Gotta have a drone for the best footage.

          The Grand Tour footage must be here in the States. One Jag had a Colorado plate. One looked like California.

    1. Ha ha ha. We have well over a foot now. Probably 15+ inches. Still coming down. The pine tree out front that I string with Christmas lights is so laden with snow the limbs are touching the ground. It’s phenomenal the amount of snow we have.

      1. Son in Weston just sent a picture of a tree on top of his car. Transformers blowing all over.

        1. Yikes. Weston is inland enough to be in the same swathe we are. I keep hearing creaks and thuds outside and may sleep in the middle of the floor and not in a bed where a big tree could come down in my head. My power has gone off three or four times. Once the generator didn’t turn over all the way and it went dark but not too long. I’m ready with flashlights. I’ve unplugged all unnecessary things like toaster coffee pot microwave etc so if generator does need to run the demand isn’t huge.

          Will home insurance pay for the car damage??

  1. It looks as though the trunk of the tree is being held up by a high stone wall next to the driveway, with the smaller upper branches hanging over the car. That’s what happens when you fill your garage with crap.

  2. All the wires coming into our house are lying on the ground in the driveway right outside the garage door. Can’t drive the cars over the wires. Trapped! Still have services so far. Electric Co says I’m “not a priority.”

    You leave your umbrella out all winter?

    1. Scary scary scary to have wires down at house. No thank you. Good luck.

      I woke to generator power and no TV/internet. Don’t know what time power went off but the snow accumulation is seriously high, wet heavy snow. I got police text messages from all the towns surrounding me saying a state of emergency has been declared. Stay off roads. Major power outages in Mount Kisco. Transformer down. Going to be a long couple of days.

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