Monday Quiz

While I contend with no internet and no cable, and electricity run by Kohler, I’ll do a cheap easy Monday post.

Whose car was this? Hint: Famous person. If you can determine the year of the Porsche, it might help you figure out the owner. I don’t know if the license plate is a clue. Your time starts now.

Happy Monday. Hope wherever you are you have power back up and running, and internet too.

12 thoughts on “Monday Quiz

  1. Gray and windy morning. Another storm is predicted for mid-week.
    Van Morrison is just a guess for the Porsche.

    1. I would have guessed Van Morrison too.
      Yes, storm due here too. I had a million scheduled appointments this week. Today’s appointment called me last night to say she is w/o power too and cancelled. Eye doctor Wednesday can wait. And so can Friday’s appointment in Greenwich. I’ll reschedule both. Tuesday to Wilmington looks like a good choice. The only day that isn’t bad weather.

  2. Janis Joplin’s ride!
    Oh Lord, all my friends all drive Porsche’s
    Please buy a Mercedes-Benz

    1. Wow, impressive. I didn’t think it’d be so easy to guess. It’s a 1964 356s i figured most would guess a rock star from the 60s because of the psychedelic paint job but I didn’t guess Joplin myself. Two points for the win.

    1. Um, it would be better if the .jpg didn’t say KEITH RICHARDS BENTLEY in the coding. But I’ll take a stab and say Keith Richards??? 😂😂😂

  3. Hope you get the juice up and running soon.
    We went 37 hours without power, & no generator — that was all I wanted to do. The house was cold. Boiling pots of water on the stove warmed up the kitchen & family room. Having a roaring fire while awake was good. But it gets old fast. Even tho we could cook with the gas and had hot water; it was too much like colonial era living.

    1. Visiting Colonial Williamsburg once was enough for me to know how much I love being a gal in the 21st century. I can remember all too well before I had a generator, we were without power for almost two weeks. It was right after then I called to have the generator installed. The electrician made so much money that year installing whole house systems he retired at a young age and moved to Florida.

      From the sounds of your situation, you could at least make pour over coffee if you have a Chemex or did you go out for every meal?

      I ran a bunch of errands this morning and was shocked how many roads are still closed, how many trees were cut in huge pieces and left on the side of the road, how few people had lights on, anywhere. The stores were mobbed. People wanting to get out and lots of people using free WiFi or sitting where they could get good cell signal.

  4. Yes the spouse could make the pour over coffee, how it’s done at our house. We cooked dinner. had already bought the raviolis. With the stove working can warm up sauce, boil the pasta. Tried not to open the fridge too much. Put cold cuts, milk, etc in a cooler to access. The warmest we could get the kitchen was 61 degrees. Upstairs was 51 and that’s cold for indoors. Directly infront of the fireplace, toasty. Had late night Scrabble game, our go to black out activity.
    Got invited to dinner on Sat to a neighbor who took a bunch of us in, they never lost power.
    Looking out my back window, everyone on the street behind us had power. There is a still a transformer sitting in the road on the drive down to Tod’s Pt.

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