Table For Four Please..

Cos Harbor emailed me to say Can’t remember a bigger snowfall.

This from his upstate weekend house!!! I guess three feet. Right?

8 thoughts on “Table For Four Please..

  1. Closer to two feet, wet and heavy so it looks like less.
    Glad you mother is alright. She’s simply amazing!

  2. As I am getting ready not to watch the Academy Awards, I came across this story about another 100+ year old who is still making waves:

    1. I can’t pull up the story. No internet and cell service that sucked to begin with and sucks even more that thousands of us are now using it as default. I got a text from Verizon that my data was precariously close to going over so I called and asked for a courtesy data upgrade given the circumstances. The Verizon guy was so nice and said of course of course and even gave me a better/bigger data plan for LESS MONEY per month than I’m paying now. Effective immediately. Thanks Verizon. I was impressed.

      Olivia deH. is an incredible actress. I am a huge fan and am hooked on the movie The Heiress, based on the book Washington Square. OdH plays Catherine Sloper, a woman of modest looks but with a healthy income. She is swept off her feet by Montgomery Clift and… well, the movie makes my top five. Maybe even in the top three.

      I’ll open the link when I can. Power not expected to be restored until Tuesday night. Cablevision a day or two after that. Oddly, my power was on, one of the few on the street WITH power. My neighbors came over for breakfast. Took showers. Charged phones. I was feeling so smug. Then my power went off this afternoon for no apparent reason. Generator humming but it didn’t kick in right away as it is supposed to do. Seems the battery terminals were a bit corroded. Fixed that and she started right up. But the power was off long enough for the security system to figure out that there was no power to the house. Sheesh. I guess that’s what the system is supposed to do but it was 100000% irritating to listen to a piercing sound until we got the house power back on.

      Long way of saying, with no cable, I can happily say I can’t watch. Not that I would have anyway. I did see a few tweets of Olympic stars (Trump haters) Vonn and Rippon. Who invited them? And what Oscar will David Hogg take home? 🤔

      1. Well, glad to hear there were some decent outcomes from your travails (new Verizon plan, appreciative neighbors). Hope things get back to normal as soon as possible.

        So, if the Academy Awards are broadcast and no one watches, does it still make a sound? I guess the dogs bark and the caravan moves on.

  3. No power, no generator, no cell phone service
    Can’t thank well prepared and generous neighbors enough. Power went off Friday and cell phone took a hike yesterday morning. It may have been Friday night because I went to bed early in the dark.
    Power back on today but no phone, internet or cable tv.
    I’m fine and the house is fine. Tons of flooding close by, though.

    1. Yikes. I was thinking of you all weekend wondering if your town got hit hard. Glad you are okay. The kindness of good neighbors should never be underestimated.

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