100-Year-Old Woman Trapped When Tree Falls On House

Not a headline about my mother and not a photo of damage to my mother’s cottage, but close enough story.

Last night my mother was in the kitchen watching Jeopardy when she heard such a loud boom she thought a plane crashed into her house. She jumped out of her chair and went looking around. Shaken, she looked all around but didn’t see anything UNTIL she looked UP and saw a tree had fallen into one of her skylights and smashed the skylight tempered glass and when she looked in the center of the living room, much of the tree was scattered all on the rug. Glass everywhere. Huge limbs strewn. One limb still in the skylight.

Luckily, living in a senior community, she only had to pick up the phone. Workmen came right over to assess the damage and see what they needed to do to make it okay overnight. Also luckily, the rain and snow had stopped so it was not raining inside. A second crew came back to cover the skylight from the inside til this morning and removed the largest pieces of tree in the LR. This morning bright and early a crew came over to chain saw the tree down and off the roof, while others cleaned the entire living room of debris with a shop vac, made sure no glass was in sofa or chair cushions and then another crew boarded up the skylight from the outside until a new glass can be ordered and installed.

Mom said it gave her such a start she took a while to settle down. She called me right away and I could sense the fright in her voice. It truly rattled her. Understandably. She’s okay now that all is back in order but phew, what a moment.

Surprisingly here, we never lost power, although I have no cable nor internet. My next door neighbors have no power because we are on two separate transformers. She often loses power when I don’t and vice versa. I offered up my outlets for phone charging and showers for cleaning up. That’s what neighbors do.

Living among huge trees as I do is a deadly combination with the giant winds. So many town alerts today for road closures and power outages. Both Bedford and North Castle saying be careful. The guys who plow my driveway texted to say they are running behind because they are also in tree cutting down duty for homeowners who had damage from last night. No hurry I said. Get to it when you can.

Happy Saturday!

4 thoughts on “100-Year-Old Woman Trapped When Tree Falls On House

  1. I am very sorry to hear about your mom’s scary storm moments. And also very glad she is okay and given help right away. She will probably need more TLC for the next few days. She is dealing with shock waves moving around inside her. Best to keep in touch as often as you can.
    She is lucky she has you to talk to and calm her.

    1. I rarely see my mother alarmed. But she’s one tough broad to get to be 100 this year so after realizing she was okay, she was fine. I’ll be down there next week and in any given day I speak with mom 3-4 times a day.

  2. Good to hear! Keep calm yourself. Does your mom like to do puzzles? They can be fun and calming distractions🙏

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