Hey, just Where is this major nor’easter I keep hearing is coming???

It’s a perfectly calm normal day here in 10506-land. Warm enough to not need the furnace on. Warm enough to take a walk. Warm enough to not need a sweater inside. Warm enough outside for flowers to think it’s spring.

Yet my phone is ablaze with dire predictions of rain and wind mayhem. Town of Bedford alerts. Accuweather alerts. As if life on this planet will be blown away. Any second.

I see predictions of snow as well but only depending on whose weather you listen to. We were in the 3-6″ snow zone yesterday. Today the recalibration says 1-2″.

Meanwhile, I’m actually sitting outside as I type looking for the giant woodpeckers who live in aging trees. I spied one this morning but wasn’t fast enough to grab the camera. I those instances the phone isn’t good enough to zoom in. But hey, look what photographer Jeremy Black in Alabama captured on camera. A rare yellow cardinal. Stunning. I don’t know if the yellow is a mutation or an actual color that is just so rare it’s not seen. You bird watchers know?

Anyway, back at the ranch, I’m waiting for the little ones to come over for dinner and biding my time until the supposed nor’easter appears! Ho hum.

13 thoughts on “Hey, just Where is this major nor’easter I keep hearing is coming???

  1. Forecast for MA coast is for a lot of rain, wind, coastal flooding, erosion and power outages. The tides are astronomically high so there will be a lot of places impassible during the slow moving storm. It’s calm and cloudy here today.
    I usually take these nor’easters in stride but this one whose name is Riley has me a tad concerned largely because of its long duration.

    1. I just ran the radar on weather dot com and so much of the damaging stuff seems way off coast. I’m only seeing green over most of New England. I’ll add photo in a second.


  2. Weather Channel saying life threatening storm surge. DC wind 50-60 mph. Boston sustained winds in the 50-60mph range lasting over two or more high tide cycles. Near record levels. It’s coming.

    1. It’s sure taking it’s good time. I told my mother to cancel her plans today to drive herself, two other 90+ year olds AND a 103 year old man to Vicmead to play bridge. She called and says the sun is out. Oh well if Al Roker can get it wrong, so can I.

    1. Lots of storms brewing. Washington. Moscow. Florida. People are predicting a big Friday night news drop tonight. Trump Admin Shuffle or more Mueller indictments. Hmmmmm.

  3. I just got a text,early dismissal at my child’s school.if I’d known that was coming we’d have just taken the day off!

    1. I was surprised to see the school buses her. We have sleet and the roads and my stone driveway have a thin layer of ice on them. We’re in the 3-6 snow zone. POURED all night but about 8 this morning it turned to sleet, then some snow, now back to sleet. Messy.

      BCSD reporting this now:
      Today, 03/02/2018, the Bedford Central School District will have an early dismissal. Dismissal bus runs for the high school/middle school will begin at 10:20 a.m. Elementary students will be dismissed at 11:30 a.m

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