Not The Caribbean. Not Florida. Not California.

Trying so hard to find a winter escape, we looked at hundreds of options and at each turn, one of us said Meh, not so much at the other’s choice.

We  decided to stay put in lovely downtown Bedford!

There was a cheap airfare to SFO, r/t $275, but who wants to be in San Francisco amid the homeless pooping in the streets? Pass.

We thought with such a cheap airfare, we’d drive down the coast, but we’ve been there done that a couple of times. Nice, but not in March.

There were reasonable fares to Burbank where we could drive up to Simi Valley to see the Reagan Library but then what, after one day, we’d be in Burbank. I can’t see us staying at some hotel on the water in Santa Monica or Malibu. My favorite hotel in Pasadena, The Langham, seemed way more expensive than the last times I’ve stayed there.

Nether of us had an interest in going to San Diego. So that left California out completely.

We briefly talked about Scottsdale. No, no beach. Heat, but no beach. Out.

Every place we looked at in Florida was either sold out or way too expensive this time of year. And the Caribbean spots of worth, yikes, the prices!

My billionaire friends even balk at Jumby Bay pricing. It does look pretty but….this house, Oleander, at $18k/night, I’m out. But win that lottery? I’m there, tomorrow. I can remember growing up we spent two weeks almost every year renting huge houses at Sandy Lane Estates in Barbados, when the resort was charming and the clientele was mostly Brit. The houses were in the 5-6 bedroom category, fully staffed, pool, view, and then it was about $25k/WEEK, which seems a ton of money but in retrospect, not so much. I don’t know how my dad did it – all the traveling we did as a family, wow, lots of dinero he chose to spend on us. I sure do appreciate all that effort.


So instead of going away, we’re making preparations for the major house renovation – shopping for new appliances, wondering who we can give some furniture to, wondering if we can survive living through another major renovation with all the dust and noise, creating a budget (ha), and most annoying, getting a whole new property survey. The company who did our survey when we bought the house and updated it in 2003 when we did Renovation 1, went belly up. Closed doors overnight. Boom. Gone. No other surveyor is willing to take our perfectly good survey and add improve upon it – like showing that there’s no pool nor tennis court etc. We have to start from scratch. What a pain. An EXPENSIVE pain. UPDATE: One local surveyor just binged in with an estimate of $3,840.00 to redo the survey. I’d have to look back but I don’t think it cost me that much first time around. Yikes. Is it really that expensive?? Plus, the $3800 didn’t include everything and I don’t even know what it means “Not an ALTA survey”. Anyone?

Individual trees not surveyed or mapped.
Calculations of building and lot coverage not included – to be priced upon request.
Covenants, easements, restrictions, conditions and agreements must be provided by owner in writing to be shown on map.
Stakes set along property lines NOT included in price. A separate price quote will be supplied upon request.
A 50% retainer is requested to schedule this project.

There’s some storm brewing they say – we’ll see if it happens. Weather forecasting isn’t exactly accurate.

I’ll end with a suggestion for Peter and his wife as they venture out into motorhome land. I saw this online today, in Twittersphere.

1960 Holiday House Model X Geographic. Only 7 ever made, only 2 known survivors; this one recently restored by Flyte Camp in Bend, OR.
Stunningly beautiful.


Happy Hump Day. Thanks for tolerating the blogging outage.

23 thoughts on “Not The Caribbean. Not Florida. Not California.

  1. Thanks for thinking of us. We went back and forth about what kind of motoring we wanted to do – trail something or have it self contained. We opted for self-contained. We may have to rent a car there and there when we get to some place but I don’t want to tow a car behind a RV. Our Atlanta daughter is coming to take our car to her house while we are on the road. We eliminated the Class A RV – just the two of us, we don’t need all that space. Class C I think suits our simple tastes. Winnebago and Jayco make decent nice looking Class C RVs. Thankfully here in Florida, there are a million dealers to look at options.

  2. OT: Do you know that Kate Mara is starring in a movie called Chappaquiddick about Teddy? Wasn’t that your home turf?

  3. Good to stay out of California, period. Their desire to be a sanctuary state is enough to keep me away, even with grandchildren there. FaceTime works wonders.

    1. Maybe and we have hit an unusually warm stretch so we can get outside lots. But still, sitting on the Caribbean in Jamaica sipping a Red Stripe… just saying.

    1. We’ve been walking a lot, going over to Grace Farm in New Canaan and strolling their paths. It’s beautiful again today.
      Tomorrow the grandkidlets are coming for dinner so we’re not out every night. Bedford Gourmet comes in handy for those at-home no-cook no-dishes nights. They know us there!

  4. Are you required to use a N.Y. surveyor? If not, try D’Andrea in Greenwich. Been around forever.

    A staycation would be fine with me – see a couple of movies, cook as little as possible & plan the next project.

    1. Good question. It never occurred to me to look for someone across the bother. I will now. Thanks.

      Movies would be great if there were any decent ones out. Black Panther is not in my must-see list.

      1. I saw Black Panther yesterday. It was entertaining enough, but none of us thought it lived up to the hype.

        1. To be honest, I assumed the hype was because the movie was black-centric and not because it was actually good. I didn’t see any white movie critic review it.

      2. S.E. Minor, also in Greenwich, once agreed to update a survey for me that had been done years before. I was happy with the price at the time, but when I received the bill the price was higher than the estimate. A quick phone call resolved the problem with no hassle. I’d definitely use them again.

        1. Thanks. I learned a lot yesterday about surveyors and their pricing. We got three proposals all over the map and done with things not included etc. One company got a little testy when I told them I was choosing another firm, almost indignant that I said their prices were too high. I doubt many people get several proposals and weigh their merits.

  5. Surveys are expensive. $4k doesn’t surprise me. ALTA stands for American Land Title Association. Most title insurance companies will require a survey to be done to those standards if they are providing a title insurance policy. I’ve had mixed experiences with both SE Minor and Tony D’Andrea in Greenwich.

    1. I found the ones I called perfectly pleasant until I told them thanks, but we’re going with another firm. I was met with disdain by one, as if how dare I compare pricing, and one firm never acknowledged my email saying I was not using them. I’d think a common courtesy would be to return email with a thank you for considering us. Odd lot of people.

  6. I see you delete more… not a shock. No comment on Jared and no Ivanka? I was in your Mothers hood tonight!

    1. I deleted the whole post that had your one rather snarky comment in it. There was nothing devious or nefarious. I delete posts all the time.

      You want to talk about Jared? Fine. I’m glad he lost his security clearance. Happy? What’s your beef with Ivanka?

        1. I don’t know who it is, a him or her, but obviously someone from Wilmington who knows where my mother lives. Probably someone I grew up with who hates my politics, or me. Or both. Oh well.

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