Spring Has Spring. The Flowers Have Riz.

Well, not really, but SoundBeacher attended the CT Garden and Flower Show and is sharing pix with us from the four-day event. Aaaah. The landscape companies do displays and various Garden Clubs do entries to be judged and vendors sell lots of items and there are speaker and seminars.

A landscape design with a “miniature world where fairies dance and leaves unfurl, where flowers bloom in colors bright and fragrances bring pure delight.”

Aqua Scapes of CT created a “landscape of a natural and rustic setting, featuring an older vehicle in an unusual way, creating a unique focal point for our display.”


They had butterflies.  A vendor, Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory from Massachusetts, had things for sale.  There also was another display, a Butterfly Encounter, where you could go walk among the butterflies.


A brooch of an inset using only natural plant material.

The explanation of what they used to make the butterfly

Pretty collection of flowering plants

While it may not BE spring here, it’s amazingly warm today, temps due in the 50s. One of the kids flew last night to Vail, on an American flight where she was one of but a handful of passengers – was like flying private!

Marshall Oil was here this morning talking about heat options. Pretty sure we’ll stick with oil furnace at that end of the house and upgrade the Buderus to a newer model. The burner is relatively new and we asked that it be reused on the new furnace. No sense in throwing away something good.

Have to renew my driver’s license and get this, it’s doable still online, maintaining the photo on my existing license that’s got to be twenty years old. One or two fewer chins in the old photo but I guess it looks enough like me that in a perp walk I can be picked out of the lineup. Still odd that no one has insisted I get a new photo.

In and out all day. Hope Monday for you all is a good one. Storm a’brewing at week’s end.

3 thoughts on “Spring Has Spring. The Flowers Have Riz.

  1. Lovely. Although the old Ford truck is a novel idea for a fountain, the anal retentive part of me sees that as a big pain in any number of ways before I have to tell the landscape contractor to remove it.
    Otherwise, we’re fortunate to live in the good ol’ USA (for now).
    A .gif for spring:

  2. Here in Connecticut your weight is listed on the pistol permit. I’ve had it since I was 20 and when I renew it I don’t change my weight,and I’m over 165lbs now 😉

  3. Many thanks to SB for her spectacular flower and butterfly shots!
    Maybe someone also can visit the Philadelphia Flower Show this weekend….
    It’s really fun…and fragrant,

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