These “kids” make me sick to my stomach


These are the “grieving” students from the high school in Parkland Florida. They are so torn up about the loss of their 17 classmates, they accepted an invitation to be flown out to California and appear on Ellen’s Show. If I could reach into the TV screen, pull each one of the  out by the scruff of their necks, slap them upside their heads, and tell them to shut up and grow up, I would.

What is the matter with our society that these teens are now being hailed by the left media as the only adults in the room. Barack and Michelle Obama tweeted that these kids are the new civil rights movement. Give me an effing break. Oprah and the Clooney’s giving $500k to the “cause, whatever the cause is, but I guess it means getting these “kids” on every TV show they can.

These people are paid activists, pure and simple. David Hogg got a verified twitter blue check in one day. He’s out there all day every day calling for people not to vacation in Florida until gun laws are passed and calling for boycotts of corporations who give discounts to the NRA members. Don’t get me started on that subject either.

I feel so sad for the parents of the children killed. It was a senseless tragedy but the misplacement of venom on the NRA is because they are an easy target (pardon the pun).

End of rant.



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    I don’t want to take away from your rant, but breaking news, we went into contract for our Miami casa. Expect to close March 13. We didn’t get the price we wanted but we felt it was best to take the first offer and bail then wait and never get another offer.

    The plan is to buy a motorhome and be vagabonds until we find a new place to call home. We asked the buyers if they wanted our house furnished and they said yes, so we got some money back for what we had to buy new after the hurricane flood. All to the good.

    1. Peter, great news! Congratulations! I think our real estate commentators have a saying that the first offer is generally the best offer, which I think has a lot of merit. Better to sell and move on, rather than hang on and ‘hope’ for another, better offer which may not come or may not come for an extended period.

      Best of luck in your travels! You might want to go to Alaska in the summer, as that certainly is a beautiful place and much different from Miami.

      1. Peter, I’ll second RDW congratulations. This is what you hoped for. Bonus, selling the house furnished and hopping aboard a motor home. All of us secretly (or openly) pine for that kind of adventure. We wish you all the best! Be sure and have WiFi in the motorhome so you can keep in touch here!

    1. Emma, “she’s” a pip alright. They are all the devil, all full of hate. There’s no intent here other than their own glorification, furthering their own star power. It’s disgusting.

      The comment in the CTH link link that is spot-on is this one:

      “Interestingly he [Hogg] didn’t have a twitter account until February 15 and then it was a verified account with 8,000 followers. His tweets are profanity laced nonsense about the NRA and the president, nothing else.
      Kind of odd for a 17 year old to tweet 50 times a day about how much he hates the president.
      Really odd to set up a go fund me page and have a million dollars in it on the first day.
      Everything about this #March for our lives kid is odd and manufactured from the tweets to the interview with Anderson Cooper to the town hall….he’s just an actor in someone’s play.”

        1. There’s NOTHING good or well-intentioned about one of this pissants. But you know and I know they will be elevated to superstardom with the likes of Oprah and Ellen backing them.

  2. Thank you for this rant. You expressed my anger perfectly. And I love the tweet, “when will it be OK to call these kids assholes?”
    The answer is now. These kids are assholes.

    1. Why are our sane voices not being heard? The crazies who push these kids in front of every camera are seemingly the only voice of the Parkland families. Sad.

      1. My wife’s cousin lives in Livingston NJ and told me this event was sponsored by Senator Menendez and labeled a Gun Control Bill community action gathering. Not remotely a sharing of grief. Menendez was there shaking hands as if fund raising.

  3. A number of the kids have commented that they are ‘children’ and thus need to be protected by adults. There is something new among the young generation which marks them differently – they don’t want to become adults. Interestingly, some of them will, in the same breath, demand they be heard and taken seriously, all the while remaining as children. When I was in my high school years I never thought of myself as a child, and certainly never thought of my fellow classmates as children. What has changed? I do not have the answer, but I suspect it explains a lot of the posturing these instant-celeb ‘kids’ have put on display.

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