Rainy Saturday Quiz

In a flyer from Cunard, this photo of the QM2 in Sydney. What’s the problem?


In other news, I made the world’s worst meatloaf today, using a new recipe I saw online that should have stopped me from the get-go for many reasons but mostly because it has way too much stuff in it.

I have a tried and true recipe from my mom and one from a sister-in-law that are our family defaults. Mr. EOS prefers the recipe his sister gave us and I like the one I grew up with. What prompted me to go into a whole new direction? Heaven only knows. Today’s meatloaf is pretty darn near inedible. Besides changing up the basic recipe, I changed up the meat this time too, using beef, veal and pork. 99.9999% of the time I use beef and only beef.

Where’s Dawg when you need her??

17 thoughts on “Rainy Saturday Quiz

  1. Meatloaf is the original comfort food. I have my mom’s recipe. 80-20 beef. White bread soaked in milk and crumbled into beef. Egg. Ketchup.

    The Sydney photo- is it backwards? Flipped?

  2. In a total coincidence, i made meatloaf last night and had a meatloaf sandwich for lunch today. My recipe is basic too, beef, bread crumbs, egg, onion, milk. No ketchup in mixture but ketchup and brown sugar mixed on top during the last half hour of baking.

    1. I made the trifecta of meatloaf changes that caused the epic fail. I freeformed the meatloaf on a sheet tray rather than letting it stew in its own loaf pan juices. Was much drier.

    1. Bacon. You win. Does GPM carry that every day or only certain days if the week?

      I’d have to take it out if the metal tin and cook it in my own dish but otherwise, yumm.

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