Is it Time to be done with an oil furnace?

Thank heavens for duct tape because it’s holding up the ancient Buderus furnace in the utility room.

Looks aside, it runs like a champ. We have it cleaned and serviced yearly, every year expecting to be told We regret to inform you…. but happily it keeps on ticking.

The question becomes, as we renovate and add on to that end of the house, upgrade hot water tank system and improve the Culligan system, does it makes sense to visit the options for heat?

Either get a cleaner more efficient oil burner or go the route the other wing of the house went and get a propane run system???

The propane heat is darn good but we are cheap bastards and don’t turn the thermostat up much. We’ve had the new system for two years now and have only filled the 230 gal tank once a year. Pretty good, yes??

We don’t have natural gas in Bedford so the gas would have to be propane.

I can’t decide. Now is the only time to consider changing since the upstairs and much of the house downstairs would get added on to or redone. Now or never.


12 thoughts on “Is it Time to be done with an oil furnace?

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  1. Bedford celebs getting lots of press this week. Brendan Fraser too, talking about being sexually harassed years ago.

    I can’t help one bit about oil versus propane. Sorry.

  2. I vote for keeping the Buderus (the Mercedes of furnaces) and then using the propane for the new stuff. As much as I like a clean slate, there’s something about “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and if, God forbid, one system goes down, you have the other one to rely on (usual 2¢).

    1. All good points. There’s much to be said for the mantra. I did call Marshall Oil though to see if Buderus makes a newer version. I do know one day, when I least expect it, this one will bite the dust. I just don’t want it to be when we are at Amanyara for the month month of February and come home to burst pipes and an ice skating rink in the new sunroom!

      1. Replace. I can’t believe you’re even hesitating. If your planning on staying and renovating, and your furnace looks like that, “never” is not an option. Nothing lasts forever no matter how well built. It’s just a question of when.

        We tried keeping our old (but not as old as yours looks) furnace going until it conked out just before Thanksgiving, and the needed part couldn’t be obtained until the the following week. It was quite cold, and I had to run out and buy a bunch of electric space heaters to keep the house warmish until then. We bit the bullet and replaced the furnace the next year even though it still worked. The new one is far more efficient and MUCH quieter.

        I wish you luck, but things have a way of happening at the worst possible times.

  3. We got a new propane furnace for our house in Lake George. House was only six years old and the previous owner must have gotten the builders special. We couldn’t get any parts to repair it. You don’t want to be stuck with no parts when it’s cold outside. We did get a Nest thermostat so we can see if the heat is not working. Then we notify repair man. Last year we returned to the Poughkeepsie house that was 46.
    So get a new furnace and get a thermostat with WiFi.

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