I Neither Made Friends Nor Influenced People Today

At Shoprite, I was as greeted by two people wearing Chobani jackets and hats, giving coupons for one free Chobani yogurt to honor their tenth anniversary.

I said I prefer Fage and I don’t like the politics of your founder. 😬

Later, in Bedford Village at a gourmet market, I was accosted by a frenetic woman seeking signatures in opposition to a proposed new cell tower on land about a mile outside the Village Green. I asked Do you have any cell service right this minute? She sheepishly said no. I said I’m happy to have a tower. Good luck with your petition.

Of course, the cell tower isn’t on my street or on the street next to me so it is much easier for me to say, please build the tower. Bedford Village is a notorious dead cell zone. When I’m at my hairdresser, I can’t even have my phone recognize there is any cell signal. Same most all of the Village til you turn the corner toward 684.

Unrelated to the post title, I pulled into the Shell station in Bedford to grab a newspaper and fell over backwards at the eye popping prices. They are the default station for the I Have More Money Than Common Sense crowd. Even if I had a billion, I’d never choose to be willingly gouged.

To show you what I mean, here are today’s prices at the station Formerly Known as Hess. I mean, charging a full dollar more per gallon? Worse than gouging dumb Bedford residents, it’s the only gas station off exit 4 of 684 so if you need gas at midnight, you ate forced to bend over.

Finally, in the supermarket, Oprah Oprah Oprah. Her mug on O and her mug on In Style. She’s everywhere. On 60 Minutes. Giving a half million to the anti-gun movement. Yet she swears she’s not running for President. Right.

Nothing else to report. Cold rainy gray day. Ugh.

10 thoughts on “I Neither Made Friends Nor Influenced People Today

    1. I googled “funny cell towers” and that one caught my eye right a way. I didn’t want to go with the “fake tree” tower look, or fake cactus. I figure Bedford needs something classy.

      I can’t watch those Loyal Dog stories without needing twelve kleenex. I cry like a baby. Dogs are so human.

    1. They used to when the previous manager was there. He got promoted to a larger store and this Shoprite went downhill. More Musak kind of music. I too LOVED the good 50s/60s tunes. People were happier. Singing. Probably conducive to more shopping.

  1. Speaking of Oprah, I was at Weight Watchers this morning for my monthly weigh-in and they were selling O’s book of quotes from her Soul Sunday show. Oy. And yes, I lost a pound.

    1. Oprah is a very astute (billionaire) businesswoman owning a huge percentage of WW, then coming out with her own line of food.

      As for her Soul Sunday shows and her “people”, I am NOT a fan of one of them. Her moral imperatives through her guests are too much for me to take.

      KUDOS for losing a pound!!!

  2. My wife was a big Fage fan until she tasted Siggis. Might not be available in the Bedford backwater though.

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