At This Point We’d Go To Crescent Moon


We opted out of returning to Half Moon in Jamaica this year – a combination of being unhappy last year and thinking we’d take a Christmas QM2 jaunt instead also thinking we could do without two weeks lollygagging on the beach sipping Dark and Stormy’s every night.


Now we wish we had planned ahead because we are missing this annual trek to the bright sunshine.

So what do we do? Scramble for last minute good airfares to hotels that are second tier because all the good places LONG AGO sold out and LONG AGO posted their early bird specials, like stay seven nights for the price of five.

What about Bermuda this time of year? Too chancy with the weather? More temps in the 70s and not 80s? I ask because the Fairmount Southampton has a stay seven get two nights free deal that’s pretty decent. Easy flight. I haven’t been to Bermuda in a long time so my memory can’t drag up how warm it was.

HGTV has been airing Bahama’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt and they’ve been in and around the Exumas. The only gorgeous resort there put the tab for the room at over $7500, pre-grub and booze. For one week. Out.

Turks and Caicos good hotels have no availability in early March.

We I flubbed big time renting us a villa through VRBO in St. Lucia. Ouch, that was a bad very bad experience such that even attempting another VRBO sends shivers up my spine.

We did a meh all-inclusive once on the Dominican that was heavy on Jersey Shore peeps but the beach was stellar. Our room had one of those bathrooms where the tub was open to view into the bedroom. We couldn’t stop laughing. Also, the water pressure for the shower was pretty much non-existent which was probably why so many people were in the pool early in the morning and at the end of the night.

I can’t see us doing a Sandals, the adults-only version of Beaches. It’s probably all honeymooners or young couples on a romantic weekend.

The islands of St. Thomas and St. Johns are still in recovery mode since the hurricane. Resort websites say Sorry, Closed for 2018. Sad.

Where does that leave us? Pretty much, yep.


31 thoughts on “At This Point We’d Go To Crescent Moon

  1. Bermuda might be fun but it’s unlikely to be the beach experience you are expecting.

    How about the Florida Keys?

    1. We’ve been going to HM on their 50% off sale they announce in/around November or early December. It affords us an oceanfront suite with a huge balcony that we would otherwise not choose to indulge. There is a sale now, until the 22nd, “up to” 35% of some rooms but no room that suited us. Plus, as I’ve said before, the REAL gotcha at Half Moon is all that price doesn’t include one meal. The meal plans are equal in price to the room expense. We splurged because we enjoyed it.

  2. Irma hit the Middle Keys really hard. Many locals are still living in the hotels. Key West, I understand is up & running but one day there is enough. Check carefully if you decide to head down to the Keys. I’d check Hawk’s Cay & Cheeca Lodge.

    1. Checca is booked through April. Hawks is just doing a limited reopening March 16 and they do have some decent rates. We’ll look into that now. Thanks

      1. You can fly in to Key West from Atlanta. See it on your way up route 1 to wherever you end ep staying. It’s a pretty drive.

        1. If we come to the keys, we’d fly from White Plains to some place like Fort Lauderdale then rent a car. We figure we’d need a car the whole time.

          Hawks Cay has only limited opening starting March 16. No restaurants or lobby is open so that’s out.

          Looking at Amelia Island hotels now. Bibi? This is your area of expertise, right?

  3. Anon does have a good point, We haven’t ventured further south than key Largo…and then I was just gathering groceries.

    The weather has been absolutely amazing, however.

    1. I can see how people enjoy renting a boat. That wouldn’t work for us though. I have plenty of friends who rent and sail a catamaran around the Caribbean. That was never me. But thanks for the links.

      1. I hadn’t thought of that. Otherwise, it could be a decent option.
        Sea Island, GA like Bermuda and Amelia Island would be a bit on the cooler side.
        Have I missed your decision on your birthday celebration?

  4. Bermuda is much too cold. We’ve been going to Delphi Club in Abaco. Great bone fishing, but not much for the non fisher to do but read, relax and discover all sorts of interesting things about the other guests. Birding is supposed to be very good. Very small, Only 16 guests tops, so you get to have great conversation at dinners, as its one long table. Food is all included. Not sure if they have any openings as they are very small. We fly out of HPN to FLL and then over. We finally got the Citi Prestige Credit card so it’s stay four nights and get the fourth free. Although we stay longer.

    1. That looks like a great place to chill. I like the architecture (helped out by nothing else obscuring the view – to it or from it). When we’re planning your 100th b-day, should we consider the renting of the entire lodge for your entourage as one of the possible venues?

      1. Most definitely. They are closed during the summer because of hurricanes. Although there is some staff there to make sure all is well. Occupancy is 8 guest rooms, some are king some are two queens. No tubs. Air conditioned. Food is really good, booze is extra, although reasonably priced. The place is perfect for a house party, and is often used that way. We have stayed about six times in the last four years, sometimes we are the only guests, and other times it is a full house. The beach is usually deserted as there is only one other property on the beach. The owners of that house work all day long. Read some of my blog postings to get an idea of a visit. Fishing is extra. If you don’t know how to bonefish you can still learn how. The guides have equipment. I don’t fish, as I learned long ago to never get between hubby and a fish. Although Hubby swears his best times fishing are when I am with him.

      1. I forgot to mention Little Palm Island in the Keys. It may be far south enough to have escaped the damage from Irma.

        1. Thanks. Hope to sew up destination today. Not easy to find anything on the beach that is affordable. Ironically some Florida resorts are twice as much as Half Moon.

    1. The Marriott has a very nice property in Ft. Lauderdale. Marriot Harbor Beach Resort & Spa. We went to a wedding on the property 3-days never left that place. It’s very nice.

      1. We’d have to see if when we want to go coincides with spring vacation weeks on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale. That would be our only hesitation.

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