Jeez, There it is!

I spent a good part of an hour this morning looking for my coffee cup, the one I’ve used forever and the only one I like. I looked in all the regular places – the dishwasher, the counter, by my computer, by the TV, in the bedroom, upstairs, in the fridge, in the trash. Nowhere to be found. I looked under around and through three or four times, in total disbelief that I couldn’t find one simple coffee mug.

Soooooo, I used ANOTHER mug, horrors. Not Mr. EOS’s one-and-only mug with the Hinckley logo on it so faded it’s practically invisible. Not the vintage Polly Pancakes mug. Not the Andover mug. Not even the Vineyard Gazette mug. But a larger, taller, not as just-right Bakers Café mug. It sufficed but that’s about all it did.

Then, my brain cells kicked in. I jumped out of the chair at the breakfast table, and looked in the one place that hadn’t occurred to me.

The microwave. Ta-da!

It’s been in there since yesterday, long forgotten that I nuked a last cup but never drank it. Doink!

Now that a crises has been averted, I can start my day. Again. With the correct coffee mug. Funny how we become so attached to one.

Snow melting at a rapid pace. I suspect it’ll be all gone by tomorrow. Nothing else to report. Slow news day. Holiday. I’m starting a new book today, Lilac Girls. I put it on my mother’s Audible iPad and she loved it. Other friends said they loved it too.

Time for another cup of coffee. Cheers.

4 thoughts on “Jeez, There it is!

    1. I hope not. Now, who are you again?
      In my defense, I rarely rarely rarely nuke coffee. I hate the taste of it but yesterday I must have felt the need for more. Hence, the last place it occurred me to look was the microwave.

    1. Love it. I’m hoping hoping hoping to pick up a mug or two in person at the White House Gift shop IF I ever hear back from the office of the president. Waiting and pacing are NOT two of my strongsuits.

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