Looks Like Something The Cat Hacked Up

But oops, I don’t have a cat.

Those are scrambled eggs folks, or what was an attempt at scrambled eggs. I used a good nonstick pan, the pan was hot but not too hot, I put like a quarter teaspoon of bacon drippings in first and let the eggs cook a second before scrambling them with a spatula.

The scariest aspect of the ugly scrambled eggs is what looks like a whole lot of black pepper in the eggs. I hadn’t put any pepper on. I’m hoping the black is flecks left over bits from the bacon and not the nonstick surface of the pan coming off and about to kill me.

I threw the eggs away. Just going for the All American breakfast- bacon and coffee! 😂

The snow that fell overnight is gorgeous this morning with the bright blue sky and the snow hanging onto the tree limbs. We got a pretty decent accumulation, 7-8″.

I love the quiet of the snow. Happy Sunday.

24 thoughts on “Looks Like Something The Cat Hacked Up

  1. My cousin is a chef and he told me that in several of his job interviews, he was asked to make scrambled eggs. They are very difficult to make well. Some experts say add water not milk. Some say don’t add anything. I use cream if I make scrambled eggs which isn’t very often because mine often look like yours.

    1. I’ve heard Bobby Flay say he asks potential hires to scramble eggs. I can see their point. If you can scramble the perfect eggs, you probably know how to do most everything else.
      I added a little water to the eggs. I don’t ever have cream in the house.

  2. Low heat and plenty of time for scrambled eggs. No fat is necessary in a non-stick pan but I use a little butter for flavor. Half the time, I use a cast iron pan, so black and seasoned eggs don’t stick.
    Once curds begin to form, starting from the outer edges gently move them around. Don’t rush. Take them off the heat when they are just about as soft or firm as you like your eggs cooked.
    Your pan could be beginning to lose its coating. If so, replace it.

    1. Let’s see, if you leave your house now, you could get here by lunch to make scrambled eggs for me. When I use my cast iron pan, the eggs stick to the sides, even though my pan is seasoned for decades.
      I’ve read if the nonstick pan is scratched its time to throw it away. That coating is not healthy to ingest.

      1. Nonstick pans don’t have a long shelf life. Three years-ish. I throw mine away about that interval to be safe. The NYT did a review of the best nonstick pans and they like the Tramontina 10″, at Amazon. Even the NYT reviewer mentioned that the coating will break up after three years+/-

        1. Never heard of that brand Jane but I see the Amazon reviews are good. Seems no matter what the brand, reviewers complain that the coating starts to come off after time, even if you are careful with utensils and how it is cleaned. I actually prefer my Calphalon pan for most everything, that’s NOT nonstick.

  3. Those eggs look fearful. I don’t know why but I am reminded by Peggy Noonan’s artful article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. Add it to your breakfast of bacon and coffee and you will have a meaningful morning

    1. If Dawg were still alive, she’d even turn her nose up at those eggs. The trash was the only place for them.

      Will read Peggy Noonan shortly. Thanks for the heads up. She’s hard to figure out. Sometimes I love her columns. Sometimes they are just awful. Kinda like my blog posts! 😂

  4. Those eggs give me indigestion just looking at them! Your GI tract is thanking you for throwing them out. Try again with real butter, and if you get the black flakes again toss the pan.

    1. I think of myself as a pretty good cook but making light fluffy yellow scrambled eggs has always eluded me.

      I prefer my eggs sunny side up anyway – easy. Can’t mess them up unless you overcook them and they become hard boiled eggs.

      I just tossed the pan, on top of the scrambled eggs.

  5. Title correction: Something your cat Yakked up. I speak from first hand knowledge. Cats don’t hack. They Yak. I’ll spare you any YT video.

  6. There are a lot of myths regarding cast iron pans. I have a bunch. A couple are so non stick they work beautifully for eggs and hash browns. The rest, as old, black and used as they are, don’t have that super smooth interior of the ones I use for eggs.
    Before I learned the trick of slow cooking scrambled eggs, I had plenty resembling your photo. I think it has to do with the fat getting too hot and burning.

  7. That’s very odd. The link works for me, and I’m not logged into anything. Try it through Google. Copy this search term into Google, and the recipe link with comments should appear at the top of the list:

    mark bittman best scrambled eggs

  8. cuisinart sells a nonstick frypan in two sizes with a non-teflon non-poisonous ceramic coating. I think it’s called a green pan. BB and B sells them. I love mine so much I travel with them. You can use a metal spatula with them. Gently. Great for eggs. I clean mine with scotchbrite scrubbies. No peeling, ever. Bibi

    1. I’ve seen ads for both the ceramic and copper pans. Haven’t tried either. Since I threw the nonstick one away yesterday, today is as good a day as any to order one ceramic and one copper. Thanks Bibi.
      HELP. Looking online at the Cuisinart line of ceramic, there’s the GreenGourmet line and an Elements line. How do I know which one to buy? Kohl’s and Target sell the lines.

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