Not Mother Nature’s Prettiest Fruit but A+ for Taste

Saw Sumo Oranges at the Stop’n Shop yesterday and picked up three. Had NO idea if they’d be any good so I figured I wouldn’t stock up if they were awful. The linked Sumo website doesn’t call them oranges, rather they called them citrus, as they are crossbred with a mandarin. I figure the Sumo is first cousin to the Satsuma oranges, the ones you all kept telling me I should buy. The Suma oranges look like monkey brains, the fruit that falls from some strange tree.

Just like the website says – easy to peel. So juicy and delicious. No seeds. What’s not to love? Shoulda bought more. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Now, as for that snowstorm…..the sky is bright blue. The temps almost moderate. Whatever is supposed to happen doesn’t remotely seem possible….she said, expecting to wake up in the morning to see 7″ of snow.

12 thoughts on “Not Mother Nature’s Prettiest Fruit but A+ for Taste

    1. Thanks. The articles I’ve read refer to it being around for a long time too but this was the first time I’ve spied then at my supermarket. I don’t shop at While Foods so you who do likely see these alongside the Satsuma there. 2012 price a pound at WH= $2.99. Would love to know what they are now. I paid $3.99/lb.

  1. Snow is on its way. I took a short walk and could feel the difference in the temp between when I left the apartment and when I got back. The sky is now dark, dark like snow.

    1. James is a Twitter force not to be toyed with. He can dish it out and easily puts his haters in their place. His Family Guy character is pure joy, as is he (not that I’ve actually met the man, but his persona gives the impression he would be a joy to meet).

      Snow has begun but it’s baby fine snow, almost like dust falling so I don’t see how it will accumulate much at this rate.

    1. His last words, “start writing checks!” Because I already have working drawings for upstairs and even had a permit for it, what I want to do will only alter those plans slightly. Moving the back stairs for one. It’s downstairs that’s getting the bigger transformation- creating a larger laundry room, ripping off the non functioning breakfast room, retrofitting the oversized living room that no one uses by carving a big back porch out of some of that living room and adding a big sunroom off the kitchen. Knowing how renovation works, there will surely be the“might as well as” projects which I already see as upgrading the giant old Russian furnace into something better and cleaner. Etc. Etc.

      1. Just a couple of thoughts:
        1) Ever consider a set of the small Mieles upstairs for everyday laundry stuff?
        2) Those small residential elevators aren’t inexpensive, but, having one could be advantageous even if you only load it up with luggage of your travels.
        Jus’ askin’😎

        1. Since Mr. EOS and I live 100% downstairs, it wouldn’t make sense for us to have the laundry upstairs, even though that’s the new trend. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to set space and the plumbing for upstairs laundry but it’s very low on the list. The reconfigured laundry room addition will give us a new key etched entrance into a real mud room with laundry near.
          The carriage house has been designed for an elevator. The space and mechanicals are there but not the actual elevator. Yet. Since all the living space in the carriage house is upstairs, we did want to make sure we could always get there. The space might be a dumbwaiter until an elevator is needed, for lugging up bags of groceries etc.

  2. Your post re: the sumo oranges reminded me: how is your daughter doing in her job? Does she still love it?

    1. Big learning curve from the restaurant biz where you can pretty say and do anything because it’s a (controlled) frenetic environment to a corporation where you get called to the bosses office for putting two words in ALL CAPS in a memo. That was considered a threatening tone. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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