I’m Ready


Phone alerts like crazy today – Winter Storm Warning. Up to 7″ of snow tonight and into tomorrow, or tomorrow afternoon – who knows really? No one.

It was 53 degrees today when I was out and about. I thought the stores would be packed but every place was almost eerily empty. Did everyone left for the long weekend today?

I grocery shopped for the week so bring it on!!!

Oh, and speaking of bringing it on, I LOVED listening to Rod Rosenstein say No American wittingly participated with the Russians. Further, The Russian meddling did NOT alter the outcome of the election. 

The Dems and the media are all…. 🙂

16 thoughts on “I’m Ready

  1. My alerts say snow due from 7pm SATURDAY through to Sunday. Not tonight. I’m ready too and Greenwich was equally empty today. Maybe schools had off today as well as Monday?

    1. My bad. You are right. Tomorrow night snow begins. Thanks.

      Public schools here were open today but I did pass the Catholic school and no cars were in the drive or parking lot. Maybe they had off today for the long weekend?

    1. Yes please. Never had hot chocolate made that way. Those looked like homemade marshmallows too. Oh well, the bagged crap with mini marshmallows works for me.

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