Not Even a Little Bit

The official portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama were unveiled just now and whoa, I say put the veil back on!

The Deep Thinker, Barack, sitting in a field of flowers, kinda like Ferdinand the Bull did, stopping to smell the roses? Not sure what all the greenery is supposed to mean, surely something, but it’s lost on me entirely.

He looks forlorn, as if he knew back then that his legacy would soon be 99% gone. The artist got the touch of gray hair right but forgot the cigarette. Honestly, Barack’s pose is like he’s sitting on the toilet. Hey women, isn’t he manspreading? 


Now, as for Michelle’s portrait, I don’t see the likeness at all. Not the facial features. Not the hair. She looks unhappy, but then again, I think she was unhappy at the White House and as First Lady.

But kudos to Barack and Michelle for understanding the importance of asking black artists to paint their portraits. I’m sure for the two artists, this is life changing and an honor. Maybe my white privilege is showing that I can’t understand Michelle’s portrait at all??

The video footage I saw of the unveiling made it seem Barack and Michelle were surprised by the portraits. You don’t think they saw them along the process??? They had to.

Monday means lots of small shores and lots of bills to pay. Otherwise, nothing much to report. Have a good one.

15 thoughts on “Not Even a Little Bit

  1. Did you see The Crown episode where Churchill destroys his portrait? Very often the artist will not let them see the process.

    1. I have not watched the Crown. Am I missing a lot not seeing the show?

      I’ll try and find a linkable video clip of the Obama’s unveiling their portraits. They seemed so surprised that your assessment of not being allowed to see the process/progress rings true.

        1. When we were aboard the QM2, one of the two couples we had as tablemates was a fabulous British pair. My recollection is they scoffed at all the shows that “depict” royalty or the like. They felt is was anything but accurate. Interesting their take versus what we see.

  2. The internet is on fire with one liners about Barack’s portrait. The best I’ve seen, “Obama finally succeeded in putting Bush behind him.”

    All are in agreement that Michelle’s portrait looks nothing like her.

    1. Ha ha ha. I saw one tweet where the leafy background in the portrait was superimposed onto one of Obama’s suits, the Tommy Bahama look so to speak.

      BTW, were you at the Pebble Beach Classic this weekend?? I hope so. Weather looked decent. Players with names I recognize. My fathers biggest golf thrill was playing in that event. I’ll have to see if I can dig up the photo of who the pro players were. This goes way back to the 1960s.

  3. apt portraits. or poor traits. the true obozo is hiding out whilst mooch is a whisp of empty nothingness.

  4. Now I get it…Obozo is pictured in his Choom Gang field of ganja from whence he generated his domestic and foreign policy brilliance.

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