Please clap. Or I Keeeellllll you and your whole family.

The mainstream US media is all agog over Kim Jung-Un’s sister Kim Yo-Jong and her many appearances at the Winter Olympics. CNN says she’s stealing the show. Washington Post called Kim Yo “the Ivanka Trump of North Korea”. WaPo also wants us to think she’s a NoKo princess. Ha ha. Do they not understand North Korea is a dictatorship that kills people who dissent?

The NoKo Olympic Cheerleaders are also getting tons of coverage from the US media. ABC says they command attention. Sigh.

BBC says the cheerleaders mesmerize. Yahoo news cals them “an army of beauties”.

Yeh, then try talking to them. Not going to happen because the government forbids them from having contact with western media. The cheerleaders are told exactly how to perform. Perfection is the only option. They have no choice but to smile. Yet to simpering USA journalists, they personify something we should hope to attain. I’ll pass.

Then there’s the Olympic coverage itself. As far as I can tell, it’s on at least a half dozen tv channels. USA channel has women’s ice hockey. There’s an NBC special sports channel and NBC itself. I haven’t gotten enthused about any event but then again I really haven’t watched more than two minutes of any event yet. Wait, I did see a few minutes of a luge competition. Oh dear. No thanks. Just exactly what kind of athletic talent is needed to race the luge at 70mph down an ice run other than being able to have enough neck muscle to lift your head up to see what you about to careen into?? I may also skip the Curling events. Missing what athleticism is required to sweep.

I will watch skiing and ice skating and some hockey. If I can find it amidst all the coverage. What are you hoping to watch, if any sport?

We picked the two best days if the week to be in Stonington. Imagine had we picked yes and today. The rain. Yikes. Good day to be home today.

Happy Sunday.

10 thoughts on “Please clap. Or I Keeeellllll you and your whole family.

  1. Haven’t watched Olympics at all. I’m tired of all the political shenanigans by the athletes like who won’t attend the WH later, who won’t shake Mike Pence’s hand because they are gay and offended by Pence. The guy who called a coin toss racist wins the gold medal for stupid.

  2. There’s a young man from Ridgefield competing. Luge I think. I’ll watch coverage today since the weather is too awful to go out.

  3. We’re back in Miami settling in to watch the Olympics. I love to watch and will pay no heed to the NBC idiotic coverage or the politics of the athletes. I saw some Biathlon coverage this morning. No easy feat.

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