Real Estate. Real Estate. UPDATED!


I found a website called Historic Buildings Of Connecticut and lo and behold, under Stonington, many posts on the houses in the walking tour. I’ve added links to the house numbers when the house photographed was profiled in the Historic Buildings blog. Even the hippie house that oops, was a Baptist Church. 🙂

Location location location: Stonington Borough.

We have several favorites. Can you guess our top three?

With no further commentary necessary, I present gorgeous antique homes.









And it’s backside and garden gate. Back definitely an addition. Meh. Garden gate, A+.

Two attached houses in reverse paint schemes





The attention to detail, extraordinary.



Then there was this, not sure what it is but it seems like a big old hippie house. Don’t think it was ever a church but it’s huge and um, different.

Update: Come to find out, this was The First Baptist Church of Stonington Borough


Where we SHOULD have gone for lunch.

We stopped a local and asked if antique homes that wanted to renovate had to go through the historical society. No, he said because Stonington is not an historic district. Remarkably though, history seems cherished here. That’s a good thing.

27 thoughts on “Real Estate. Real Estate. UPDATED!

  1. Well, the ones I like are #20, #16 and #6. I would have given #16 top spot, but having a buffer zone from the street, like #20, is better, I think. #1 is a runner up, but, I have to think it’s pretty dark inside.

      1. okay, well, then it’s #14, #13 and #6. #13 is obviously a head-turner, but, looks to be high maintenance being as perfect as it is (the color in your detail photo is more acceptable, long term, than the color portrayed in the overall pictures of the house). I liked #14 because it looks to be all-of-one-piece, has a quiet grace and is set back from the road (both horizontally and vertically) – and I thought the window through the massive chimney was just what was needed. #6 is a place you could leave for six months out of the year and not worry about a thing.

        1. 14 seemed to be untouched exterior. The simple house but on the water. The back yard overlooks the water. Not a bad location.
          We all agree that 13, while perfect, is like a trophy wife. She is high maintenance. The color is deeper, as in the up close photos. Odd that the overall photo makes the house look a far paler tone. It’s deep and rich and must be a historic color as several houses had this. It’s not Dijon mustard, not really yellow. Has tones of brown. Hard to put a name to the color. Any thoughts?
          6 looks like it’s your strong uncle. The one in the Marines who survived the big one, WWII. As you said, it was there yesterday and it’ll be there tomorrow. The front didn’t appeal to me as much as the others tho.

  2. My top pick is the yellow Georgian. Must be one of your top three because you took several pictures of it. The details are amazing. The door knocker is placed perfectly, a little off center. 12 over 12 windows on the first floor and 12 over 8’s on the second. I love that house.
    Another choice is the gray 1 1/2 story gambrel. It’s a cute downsizer. I like the yellow Greek revival with the Belvedere, too.
    I’ll be interested in your choices. Hard to pick just three.

    1. The yellow Georgian is perfection. In every way shape and form but almost too perfect for me to live in it. I’d feel like I’d need to also be the perfect 👌🏼 ever with the perfect sloop and the perfect gardens and the perfect family.

      I need to to back to the post and number the houses because I’m not sure how Holden was counting. Give me ten minutes then I will come back and give you my favorites by number. Hang on.

    2. In order: #14, #7, 13. Both of us are in agreement. #11 is very pretty too but the location not so much.

      The mint green gambrel is pretty classic but not quite right. It might have gotten over-renovated.

  3. I’ve been to Stonington a couple of times but only by sea, sailing in on a buddy’s boat. It’s a bustling summer town full of families with many generations of roots there.

    Any of those houses for sale? Thanks for the beautiful tour.

    I wonder if Stonington has many Portuguese like New Bedford and other old fishing ports? Do you know?

    1. We haven’t seen one big antique for sale. Lots of junkers. Does that mean families hang on to them for generations?

      I would think yes, a goodly number if Portuguese here seeing the Holy Ghost society hall. People were packing in there all day. I don’t know for a fact though.

  4. I’m the local from the last post. So many to choose from, but for me I like the stone, the first yellow Italianate, and the rambling white clapboard because they’re different from the regular old Greek revivals and Federals I grew up surrounded by (fortunately!). Surprised to hear that the Borough is not a historic district — downtown Mystic, with similarly beautiful homes, is. I believe the whole Borough, or most of it, is on the National Historic Register though — so not sure what impact that has. My guess is that either way, good luck getting a contemporary through zoning!

    1. I’m relying on the comment from one local that the borough is not a historic district. I was surprised he said that but he seemed confident. He and his wife both grew up there.

  5. #1 looks like it belongs in England while the others are all profoundly American.
    I can’t pick a favorite. Each is a work of art as far as I’m concerned.
    And I’ve never seen a window in a chimney. This was such a fun post and the photos are fantastic!

    1. We think #1 might have been a Town building, like town hall or the library. It is ON the village green. Of course I don’t know just st agreeing with you that its stone facade is unusual by what’s surrounding it.

  6. #2. #11.

    Two because of that stately Belvedere and its perfectly tall lines.

    Eleven because I bet it’s beautiful inside. House isn’t too big. Not too small either.

    1. Ha ha. I’m not sure I’d want to walk to the top. The “windows” were open to the elements and much of the place had serious rot. I’ll let you go up there and TELL me what the view was like! 😂

      1. Ha ha. Ted and Whoopi. What was he thinking? And what was she thinking? There’s a photo of Ted in black face when he was dating Whoopi. Can you imagine the outrage (faux) by Whoopi were a white make actor try that today?

        1. Yeah, thought it best not to link it (he looks as stupid as Sarah Silverman). Don’t know what they were thinking – I am not a fan of Whoopi, but, she has got to be 20 IQ points ahead of Ted.
          How about Whoopi in white face?

        2. Ted seems to have reinvented himself. With his marriage to Mary Steenburgen, Ted all of a sudden became ‘Hollywood royalty’. MVY libs. Big into Hashtags. To his credit, Ted seems to keep finding work. Go figure.

  7. So, Charles Mallory, CEO of Greenwich Hospitality Group (Delamar Hotel, etc.) is a direct descendant of the Charles Mallory who had the sail loft there in ye olde Stonington.
    Odd that Greenwich had no historic buildings worth putting in that book.

    1. I didn’t notice that Greenwich had no listings but were there any towns in Fairfield County listed? My recollection scanning the site quickly was all Middlesex and New London County homes.

    1. Irony: the sidewalks themselves were quite typical of old sidewalks. Lots of cracks and frost heaves. Some very high curbs in what looked like old slabs of granite. Many people walked in the street.

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