Mystic Aquarium

We were crabby ourselves afterpaying a huge sum to enter the Aquarium. Two seniors and one adult, just shy of $100.00!

Yikes!!! How do families afford this??? Children 3-12, $26.99??????? Today, the staff was cleaning the outdoor arctic animal display so there was no show but rather than offering us a lower entrance fare, we were given three free passes, good until May, to see the Sea World-like outside show. Unlikely we’ll use them but decent offer.

The Aquarium was pretty quiet today. Lots of dads with kids. One dad had his son on a leash. Oh my. And as the son misbehaved, the dad leaned down and said, are you trying to tell me you’re unhappy? The kid is screwed for life.

I’m wondering if Mystic Aquarium has fallen in hard times. The place looked dingy and worn. The exhibits not very well maintained. A few dead fish in tanks. Plus, some exhibits, there seemed too many fish and not enough room for them to do anything except circle endlessly.

Totally cool sea horses.

And equally cool jelly fish.

Beluga’s looked very unhappy. Circling. I didn’t like watching them. At all.

And in a rare family portrait, here we three are, waiting to get fed.

Hey, if the seals got fed fish, we figured we should too, opting for a seafood place for lunch along the Stonington waterfront we tried last time here. Did not disappoint!

And what better to give them fish than beer!? I went with a Stonington local new Double IPA. Daughter had Mystic dark ale. Mr. EOS went with a Blue Moon.

We’re now totally needing a nap but instead plan to go out for a walk, hopefully to take some more house pix. Walk off the beer.

10 thoughts on “Mystic Aquarium

  1. I can’t judge too harshly on the leash. I had a son who would run off at rest stops while we were trying to pee. And a niece who has travelled by necessity with an infant, a two year old and a leash. Not so sure about needing one at the aquarium in Mystic but the psychobabble should definitely be outlawed.

    1. I suppose I shouldn’t judge. Just struck me as odd, as you said, in Mystic Aquarium. The rest of the kids were running and having a blast.

  2. That’s an expensive outing for a family. Through the generosity of the Friends of my local library residents can pick up museum passes for admission at reduced rates. $5.00 off at Mystic Aquarium and $ at the New England one. If you live close enough, enjoy the aquarium and plan to go several times a year then it makes sense to get a membership.
    I’m sorry to hear of conditions at the Mystic Aquarium, especially at those prices. Somebody isn’t paying attention.

  3. Quick post as it’s busy down here in the sun (kids hooked a nurse shark last night and the sun is about to set)

    Greenwich library also offers a discount pass to many museums. Have you seen Blackfish? We are totally against large marine mammals in captivity.

    Enjoying your travelogue 👍

    1. We all agree being against large marine mammals in captivity. I know if Blackfish the movie but was told I wouldn’t have the stomach thing watch it.

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