Stonington Borough, CT

We’ve been here before and loved it enough to come back. Off season. Quiet. Beautiful.

We dragged one of the kids with us, one who could sneak away for two days. Nice to get some one on one time with an adult child.

The architecture is sublime.

Please applaud for the sea gulls who kindly accommodated my request to swoop in.

A cul-de-sac of color cottages

Not a car coming our way but boy oh boy, for as empty as the town seems, the cars, wow. So many Porsche Cayenne’s, Range Rovers, Audi’s…like it’s the car in the driveway just for when the owner comes up occasionally.

We’re heading to a local haunt for dinner. But first up, time for wine. Cheers!!

12 thoughts on “Stonington Borough, CT

  1. Did you buy some real estate in Stonington a few years ago? I remember a discussion along those lines.
    More photos, more descriptions of Stonington, please. No hurry, enjoy the wine and weekend first.

    1. Not in Stonington. Close though. We’re stuffed from a great dinner and at 8:18p, the town is rolled up, not a soul in sight so we’re going to head to bed early too. Haven’t had the tv. Glorious.

    1. We’ve been to Mystic Pizza, just not this trip. We did not get served by Julia Roberts tho, much to Mr. EOS’s chagrin. 😂
      The local haunt here is called Noah’s. We were the only table eating dinner. There were several up at the bar but on a Thursday night in February, we were the only takers. Noah’s is open six days a week, three meals a day. That shocked us that they can afford to stay open all winter 6 days and can afford to pay the staff too. It’ll be interesting to see if tomorrow, Friday, the weekenders start arriving and the place will be hopping.

        1. Photo 2: that’s where we three sat last night. Also same view, no one else in the joint. The restaurant has two rooms. The bar. Then the dining space.
          We each had something different last night. I had iron steak. Mr. EOS had cod. Kid had clams with sausage and white beans. Stuffed.
          Breakfast is their wheelhouse IMHO. Their blueberry pancakes are divine. Photos to come once we’re there again this morning.

  2. I’m from this area originally. There is much more economic opportunity here in Greenwich, but so much more beauty there. It’s easy to forget. And yes, Stonington Borough today is mostly New York weekenders, hence the wealth. I own a wonderful book called Stonington 1960, published locally, consisting of essays written about life in the Borough before I-95 came through town. It’s enchanting.

    1. Thank you so much for your insight on Stonington. It’s definitely bigger money than MVY off season. I mean Mercedes station wagons were the norm. More Tesla’s than Bedford. As many CT plates as NY but the CT plates could still be NYers who register their cars here at their second house.
      We’re seeing many old timers who must live here year round and im sure they’ve got plenty of tales of before I-95 days here. Lyme is dealing with new AMTRAK tracks ruining their town. It’s always something.
      Thanks again for your comment.

      1. I doubt NYers would register their cars at CT vacation addresses. We have a personal property tax that I don’t think you guys have. A couple of grand a year, every year, for two cars.

        Enjoy Stonington! It’s beautiful. And the special time with your child. That’s really neat.

      2. There are lots of relatively rich locals, too — though they are poor by Greenwich standards and tend towards the old-money type, extinct in these parts. (In my household growing up, Stonington was always pronounced with an exaggerated lockjaw accent as a joke.) When a very nice house is $1m, it makes getting a Benz wagon a bit easier.

        FYI, I’m someone with different political views who reads your blog for this type of post. Just making the point that we are (or at least I am) here. I don’t comment on political posts because there just doesn’t seem like lots of room for dissent.

        1. Thanks again for your insight into old Stonington. A perspective lost on us. We read today that up until 2011 the record for a home sale was $4.4m on the water. Shockingly low IMHO. So your point about the Benz is a good one. Not unlike Essex CT, also WASPy old timers with expensive cars and waterfront homes.

          As for the “no room for dissent”, in political posts, your criticism is well taken and pretty accurate. I’ll see if I can improve because I should allow for both sides. Thanks again.

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