The Blizzard of 2018!

We’re all going to die. Snow drifts upwards of 8 feet. No power. Panic has set in. Schools closed indefinitely.


Holy Weather Channel hype Batman. Schools ARE closed in Bedford. Don’t know why other than it could get bad later.

I’m in for the day. Thanks to the men in the house, gotta love men, wood split and neatly stacked for me so I can keep the home fires burning.

Our only concern is the roads tomorrow. We’re off for a quick two night jaunt, yes, we’ll take you along, and no, it’s not anyplace warm, but it should be fun.

Update. Just in the two minutes it took me to write this post, the snow went from nothing burger to huge flakes coming down at a fast clip.

Still, not Snowmageddon. We’re predicted to get three inches. Three. I think I can handle that. Sheesh.

16 thoughts on “The Blizzard of 2018!

  1. The Crosby Clambake (now AT&T Pro-Am) is this week with weather that should be just fine. In the old days, it was renowned for having atrocious conditions for golf as seen in this clip (I remember it well – not gonna say how old I was):

    1. That clip is from when golf was golf. When events were not sponsored by Waste Management. What a time golf was then. Simpler. Purer. Thanks for that clip. Pebble Beach should be declared a national treasure.

      1. They are human. So connected. So social. So caring. So strong. So beautiful. Yet sadly still hunted and killed for their ivory. Hard to imagine killing one.

    1. Yes. A vintage one, circa 1950s. I bought it, not for milk, but because my not-so-smart mailman, when he’d bring mail to the door with a package, would put the mail ON TOP of the box and if I wasn’t home , the mail would be strewn all over the yard with a stiff wind. I told him to put the mail inside the milk box. Did he? Not once. But the box remains.

      My grandmother had a milk door on the side of the house. The milk man delivered daily, put the milk inside the box that was lined with tin (?). On the inside of the house (on a sun porch) the milk box opened too. I can remember spending HOURS playing “echo” with that door as a kid. I guess I didn’t need much to be amused! 🙂

      My grandmother’s was not painted white, it was silver, but it looked similar to this.

      1. My grandmother had a similar contraption she called a “milk pocket.” She sometimes left it open to let the cat go in and out when she wasn’t home. Once when she was away a skunk got in, went down into the basement and wouldn’t leave. My parents, who were watching the house, finally lured it outside at night using a flashlight. Happy ending: no harm done either to parents, house or skunk.

  2. Well, as long as your pictures have generated comment, how about a metal fire wood rack to save the paint on The Cottage? This one’s nice:

    1. I had one similar to that years ago. Not as fancy. Your basic LL Bean model. I spied parts of the wood rack in the garage a while back but not the bolts. In other words, Useless. This wood was hand split and stacked for me as a surprise by the boys. And put on the front stoop. It wouldn’t have placed it there myself but I couldn’t possibly hurt the boys feelings. The wood is not touching the house. And I’ll make a point of using it quickly.

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