This is never good

This toilet is in a half-bath off the kitchen near the laundry room. It’s a bathroom very few people use, even I don’t.

But just now, doing a load of laundry, I heard water gurgling. Also never a good thing. I got up and followed the noise to the toilet where the water was bubbling up inside the toilet.

I had no idea what was causing this so I went and grabbed the plunger and went at the toilet. The more I plunged, the more the gurgling started coming from the pipes under the SINK in that bathroom. I turned the faucets on to make sure the pipes weren’t frozen because that sink is on an outside wall. Nope. Plus, that half bath backs up to the furnace room so it’s always incredibly warm.

After plunging I flushed the toilet and it didn’t unclog. But the gurgling stopped.

The phone rang so I went and answered it. By the time I got back to the toilet, the water was down and it flushed fine.

Totally odd that it gurgled in the first place while the washing machine was on. Oh to have a plumber in the family. I’m going with it was a one time fluke until it happens again. 😀

Old house. Old plumbing. Sigh.

21 thoughts on “This is never good

      1. Ha, ha. I didn’t solve the problem. I merely suggested a possible cause.I’ve experienced the same issue but I can’t recall ever having the vents cleared. I think it just cured itself.

        1. I think it was an anomaly. The toilet is fine now (she said), flushing okay. Perhaps there was a mild clog that went unnoticed because no one uses that bathroom and the washing machine drain brought it up, so to speak!

    1. Ha ha. I saw a fabulous Branco cartoon that I’ll go find and stick in this comment in a bit. To your exact point!

      Always fun hearing from you. How’s Florida treating you? From your former NJ roots, were you cheering for the Eagles Sunday? I presume so.

      Thanks for popping in every now and then.

      1. I was all in for the Jacksonville Jaguars until the fell to the lousy refereeing in favor of the rat NE Patriots in the playoffs. So yes – I was rooting for the Eagles big time.

        Florida is great – this was a good move for us. Turns out that local shrimp is everything around here – it’s a cult. We’re trying to fit in but not yet on board with shrimp every day. I am attempting blogging again but my posts bore even me so I don’t know how long I can maintain the mediocrity.

        1. Thanks so much for all the update.
          Shrimp, good.
          Shrimp and grits, better.
          Shrimp on the barbie, the best.

          LOL at your comment that your blog posts even bore you. There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t think the same about my own blog. I roll my eyes many days and say, yikes, you put up a post about a damn toilet and call it a blog? I won’t ever win a Pulitzer.

          Stay warm. Eat Shrimp. Blog!

  1. It’s not about what’s going down today it’s about what’s going up. Space-X. Did you watch the Falcon Heavy liftoff?

    1. I watched. Glued. Could you see if from Miami?

      I follow Elon Musk Twitter feed and earlier today when he announced liftoff was going to be this afternoon, someone responded asking if it was too late to send his wife. 😂

    1. I think you’re on to something. At the same time the toilet gurgled, the Samsung that was eerily going on and off, went off. Cue Twilight Zone theme.

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