Just your every day average little weekend fishing skiff

If the story is true, and it sure could be, seems Markie Mark Zuckerberg bought himself a GetAway Boat called The Ulysses. For what I think seems like a bargain price of $140million. He can afford two. Or a hundred and two. Maybe he bought it with his GOP Tax Plan crumbs?!

It looks pretty sweet to me. Just up Michelle Obama’s alley for this winter off Monaco.

The Master Bedroom suite is just a taaaad larger than our Queen Mary suite!

The main deck isn’t too shabby…..

Of course, what’s no fun is that Zuckerberg’s people deny he bought it. I don’t know if he’s denying it because he’s afraid the purchase won’t go over too well with his image as being concerned for the earth. Heck, go for it Mark. You built it AND earned it, you slimey We Want to Control Everything We Know About You liberal.

7 thoughts on “Just your every day average little weekend fishing skiff

    1. I don’t have my phone set to accept alerts. I’ve heard others say it scares them to death to hear the alert sound. None of my girlfriends said anything this morning. Was it all CT that got the alert? You’d think Greenwich residents would being on the water

  1. I got the warning and I’m in the valley,about 25 minutes north of new haven.our friends in litchfield did as well,that’s pretty far north!

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