The Eagles Have Landed!

I didn’t miss one second of the game and even even even thought a Brady to Gronk Hail Mary at the last play might have worked. Alas, not but good on the Eagles for their first Super Bowl.


No doubt Foles outplayed Brady and the Eagles got an all important call their way in a controversial TD that had something to do with whether the receiver was a receiver or a runner. A three-step rule. It was over my head.

Eagles fans will be Eagles fans, dancing in the streets post-victory, but what I saw was a whole lot of Eagles fans destroying their city.

The commercials? Meh. T-Mobile wins for most judgy judgy we’re your moral compass with the baby ad. I liked the Dodge Ram Vikings ad when the Vikings turned around in the road right as they got to Minneapolis. The rest, unmemorable, except for the thirty second blackout that had the world hyperventilating that the feed to the game was down.

As for the halftime, I seem to be in the minority for LOVING Justin Timberlake’s performance. So many hated on him for not enough tribute to Prince but gee, it was JT’s performance. Two thumbs up. The like-hate line seemed to fall on age. Us oldsters liked him. Others …well, there’s this from the kid who got the selfie…Ha ha

I’m dashing out in a few for a day of going and doing but when I get back I’m going to do a post about the Town of Bedford considering adopting regulations for leaf blowers. Hmmm.

Happy Monday! Even you Patriots fans!

15 thoughts on “The Eagles Have Landed!

  1. You didn’t mention Pink singing the National Anthem. I thought she did an excellent job. Not any drama, thankfully.

    Good game, what fans want – til the last play. The NFL ads with Peyton are getting lots of positive vibes today.

  2. The red m&m ad? Can someone explain that to me?

    Good going Eagles fans, trashing your city. Shameful shitheads.

    1. GENIUS GENIUS GENIUS. How on earth are people so incredibly talented that way???? Brilliant. The only sourpuss liberal face missing was John McCain. Otherwise. A+++++++. Thanks.

  3. I watched all the way through. I didn’t understand what Justin Timberlake was going for. Was he wearing camouflage?

    Seeing footage of mayhem in Philly. If they are this destructive winning, can you imagine what would happen had they lost?

    I didn’t see one ad I liked.

    1. I wondered if that was camo gear on JT too. It was a jungle in there maybe??

      I saw one tweeted clip of Eagles “fans” inside some convenience store, shouting it’s all free and grabbing everything they could get their hands on.

      1. Do I really need to see the results, fifty years in, of LBJ’s “Great Society”? It’s all around us.

      1. I think you’ve found the one and only FG video or show clip I hate. I didn’t know that was even possible until you posted it. But yep, I hate that. Also all the fights with the chicken. Never understood those other than to signal they had no script that week and needed tons of filler crap.
        BUT, please don’t stop posting FG clips. Please.

        1. As mistress of the blog, I would implore you to delete the video. I find it as annoying as hell, yet, there were a few comic moments and I think Seth wanted it to be annoying.
          Do you think WordPress will ever offer commenters the ability to edit and/or delete comments? There are times when one feels much regret after pressing the “post comment” button.

        2. I’m making the editorial decision to keep the clip up. And yes, Seth seeks to annoy.
          There’s no one among us who hasn’t posted a comment then thought, um, wait. Same goes with my own blog POSTS. I delete a few here and there when no one is looking. Would be great if WP allowed all the edit and delete perks Disqus affords readers but I don’t even see a forum on the WP help pages asking for this. Sorry.

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