Are you ready for some footballllllllll?

We are. I’m going to don my loser Giants jersey and sulk while Mr. EOS is sure the Patriots will win. I’m going out on a limb and say the Eagles will win. I think they are hungrier.

If nothing else, the Super Bowl will be a welcome distraction from the nasty Memo tug of war the Dems and Rs are playing in the sand box. Enough. Enough.

No big SB party or fixings planned. Just us and beer. Root beer that is. It seems to be making a big comeback such that my Stop ‘N Shop carries lots of trendy brands. Who knew?

As a kid, my dad loved his root beer. We always had soda in the house, and always cases of root beer. Would it have been Hires then? Probably. As a matter of fact, we had a beverage delivery service come with entire cases of Coke, Ginger Ale, Root Beer and things like tonic and soda water. Funny tho, I don’t remember being that big a soda drinker myself but my parents entertained a lot and we as kids were the go-to house for all our friends. Think cool modern house. Huge swimming pool. Lots of stereo equipment. A ping pong table. Hey, you don’t think my friends came over for all that and not for the enjoyment of my company??? Huh.

Have a good weekend. Are you in the Patriots or Eagles camp?

16 thoughts on “Are you ready for some footballllllllll?

  1. Pains me to say this as someone who detests the Eagles but I agree the Eagles have the emotional edge and will win.

    Love root beer floats. That’s what I always order when at an ice cream place like DQ.

      1. In Michigan, a brown cow was a blended root beer float. My fave was a Boston cooler: blended ginger ale (or Vernor’s if you’re a true local) and … vanilla ice cream. So good!

        The last root beer I had was homemade on a wagon ride in Amish country. So good!

        1. A blended float? Like a milkshake??? Unique to RI, floats/shakes are called cabinets. Go figure.

          As a kid, my FAVORITE popsicle was root beer. I tried to make them myself recently, with my version of homemade root beer. Let me just say, it was an abject failure, so much so it wasn’t even blog worthy. Baaad. Your Amish root beer sounds yummy.

      2. My grandfather, who had deep roots in Providence and Chepachet, always called root beer “birch beer.” He liked to make “Boston coolers” with it. That was about the only thing he ever liked about Boston.

        1. Gee, I haven’t heard the term birch beer in a long time. I don’t think I grew up knowing that term so I wonder if it’s knowledge I acquired living on MVY.

        2. Birch beer is different from root beer. Polar makes both. They also make golden ginger ale. As I understand it, golden ginger ale was the original version and the pale dry kind became popular after prohibition was repealed.

  2. A&W root beer for me. I remember with fondness their stand complete with frosted glasses and car hops. With or without a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it tastes to me like root beer should taste. I haven’t seen Hires lately but it was the brand of my youth. Some local restaurants now offer IBC root beer, both regular and diet, in glass bottles.
    Perhaps a tasting like the ginger beer one is in order.
    I’m betting the Pats will win tomorrow. Of course, I only watch for the commercials- and maybe to see Brady and Gronk…The Budweiser ad is terrific.

    1. I really really really wish Trump would stop all the dog and pony shows of inviting teams. It only brings on the inevitable. The photo op seems utterly useless.
      I like football enough to watch, even though the Giants aren’t in it.

      1. Can I be honest? I wish they wouldn’t have the national anthem prior to the playing of professional sports. I don’t get the connection except as a mechanism by which the professional team owner/association attempts to link their money grubbing with patriotism. The NFL has discovered the downside of that, reacted inappropriately and will suffer the consequences.

  3. Patriots for sure. One, because the Giants aren’t in it and I have to root for someone. Two, because I live in New England. And three – Eagles fans! Possibly the rudest, most obnoxious fans in the country.
    (Sorry Eagle fan readers of this blog 😊).

    OT a bit, but do you think your love of old houses has anything to do with growing up in a modern house? I ask because I grew up in a cluttered, “busy” house, and now, as an adult, my house is practically Amish. No. Junk. Anywhere.

    Lastly, I read somewhere that root beer doesn’t decay teeth the way other soda does. Have no idea if it’s true or not but I drink it believing it’s fact.

    1. Eagles fans are notoriously obnoxious to the degree they take pride in how rude they are. Not kidding.

      Alas, we were just about the only modern house in the town I grew up in so our house was a combination amusement to others and sometimes, to my younger self, an embarrassment that we didn’t live in a big old stone colonial. Sadly I don’t think I appreciated the beauty of our modern home until I was an adult. Now of course, I’d kill to have the original furniture and all the big glass walls.

      My mother and grandmother were minimalists before the word was invented. They were both neat freaks so clutter was akin to being sloppy. My grandmother used to scrub her walls twice a year. My mother, in a later house, once scrubbed a (once) beautifully aged copper fireplace vent so it would shine. It wasn’t supposed to shine!! So, LSS, I think I gravitated toward old because I find a certain amount of clutter comforting. I like the quirkiness of an old house too and the history. In my old age tho, I could easily live in a modern house, again.

      Root beer is also non-caffeinated!

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