As Barbara Mason sang, Yes I’m Ready!!

Snow on the ground today, enough to close schools and a good enough excuse for me to stay home until the news breaks that the Nunes Memo is out.

I’m pacing like a caged lion. The Dems are out in full force, screaming that the memo release is akin to treason. I figure, the louder the Dems squawk, the more there is to what’s in the memo.

Bring it on. Now. Yes, I’m ready. And so is America.

19 thoughts on “As Barbara Mason sang, Yes I’m Ready!!

    1. I’ve printed and read the memo. I think it’s very damaging but the left is spinning it quickly and strongly, convincing their base the memo is nothing more than partisan hackery. The TrumpHaters are calling the memo something to hide the Russian Collusion story. The Right is calling this the best thing since peanut butter.

      As for Thomas, I think he’s a little bit nuts. I used to follow him on Twitter but he’s AJ on steroids, everything is a conspiracy. He has a loyal following. But I’m not one.

      1. Isn’t everything a conspiracy? For example, that train “accident” the other day…

        Who ya goin’ to trust?

        1. The trouble with Twitter (let me count the ways) is for every left lunatic there is a right wing nut job. They cancel each other out. Very few actual pundits. The train accident brought out nuts in both sides. Crazy.

        2. Hang on. I have to go find a side by side video tweet someone did of My Two Nancy’s. Don’t leave, I’ll be right back. Ok?

          I’m back. See that was fast. Luckily it was a pinned tweet, posted by the one and only James Woods.

      2. Very nice… in the second part of the clip, she nearly looks compos mentis (which is just the way it should be – facing grim reality).

        1. I think the 2018 midterms will look back to the SOTU. The Rs will use video clips of Dems in their ads. To counter, D candidates will run with Donny Douche’s mentality. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  1. With all due respect to Barbara, the hardcore implications of this memo might require a more hardcore musical response:

      1. Donny. Donny. Donny. Once a huge fan of Trump’s when he was on Celebrity Apprentice. Then there’s Nichole, the host of that show. She a Bush press secretary, now, brave like Joe Scarborough, becoming an Independent, disavowing her R roots, all in the name of TrumpHate and February sweeps. It’s all PATHETIC. Pathetic.

    1. There isn’t a sane person on the planet who doesn’t understand that the Clinton’s are lying crooks who would do anything anything to get what they wanted. They wanted HRC to be president. It’s that simple. It’s safe to assume the Dems are going to push back bigly. From your other comment, you see the media is all falling in line with the Dems. It’s going to take lots more documents being released to get to the bottom of what happened. The left is saying, see, we’ve always been right, it’s ALL Papadapolous. There’s no common ground in this battle. It’s ugly now. It’s going to get far uglier quickly. The dream end result would be arrests of Comey and HRC but I think there’s as much chance of that happening as me winning the lottery. Sigh.

  2. Read the whole thread. Very detailed and logical. Important to note the contact says “maybe” when asked if Trump could still be impeached. Chilling.

      1. I can’t answer your question about Jack. I follow him because his tweets seem thorough and investigative, not overblown and hyperbolic.

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