Not The Best Way to Start the day


I was having coffee and watching Mornings with Maria when I started hearing loud screaming. I assumed it was foxes again so this time I grabbed my phone to take a photo, but no fox. The noise was coming from a different direction. So I went outside on the back patio and I saw a woman walking down the road all by herself in serious emotional distress shouting at the top of her lungs, why are you doing this to me, why why why. She was flailing her body as well. It was scary to see and hear. I opted to call the police first, then see if I could go help her. The police came quickly and by the time they got here and I got in the car, she disappeared, into thin air.

I showed the police officer where I spotted her. He asked me if I could describe her but I was so far away, I wasn’t much help, other than to tell him what I thought she was wearing.

My heart is aching. I KNOW this woman was in pain about something. I don’t know if she was sober saying those things or under the influence of anything, but at 7:30am, unlikely, at least in these parts, but domestic distress has no boundaries, so yes, it can happen here too.

The police went up and down the street looking for her but the shouting stopped very quickly after I called the police so I’m guessing wherever she lived, someone there brought her back inside. I don’t know if the police are allowed to knock on doors to ask if someone might be okay – I don’t know the law, but I do hope she’s okay. I’ll be thinking of her all day. Her guttural shouting is something I won’t soon forget.


15 thoughts on “Not The Best Way to Start the day

  1. Oh my. This is tough to read especially if it was a domestic situation and she had to go back into a house where she was being abused. I hope someone finds her.

  2. Through my church, I volunteered at My Sister’s Place, an emergency shelter for women here in Westchester. Our church fellowship also raised money for the facility as it needed an upgrade. You did right to call the police. As for helping her yourself, I’m glad you did not. You might not have had the skills or strength to handle the situation, if she was as much in distress as you say.

    1. Part of me was leery of helping but I felt some feminine instinct to find her. As it turned out, I didn’t have to find out if I could have handled it or not.

      MSP is an excellent facility. Good of you to volunteer there.

    2. Anonymous is right. You don’t have the skills to handle what could have been an explosive event. You didn’t have enough details or any first hand knowledge of what was causing her anguish. Best left to the professionals.

    1. Yes, of course you are right. I had not thought of it that way but because her lament was why are YOU doing this, I think she was the one in harm’s way. But Thank you for the comment.

  3. My goodness, what an upsetting start of both your days. It reminds me of the bizarre goings on in the attic of Wuthering Heights. Didn’t any other neighbors hear or see her? I would think she had to live somewhere near by. I do hope she has been found and praise you for your quick response

    1. That’s what my son asked me, didn’t anyone else hear her and call the police? The houses here are very far apart but because she was walking down the road and I live above it on a hill, the sound carried my direction – plus, at some point, she was facing my house as she was shouting. Wind direction can make all the difference in how sounds carry. Others may not have heard.

      Son also said police can knock on doors to inquire but homeowners don’t have to let you in so even if they might have guessed where she was, and yes, 100% sure she has to live very close, the homeowner could say they know nothing and that would be all the police could do. No probable cause to enter.

  4. Odd from your description, I didn’t get a sense of physical domestic abuse, rather just emotional, like she saw a yet another text pop up from her one of husband’s side action babes or something along that line.

    1. LA: That’s true. Very true. She could also have just been venting into the sky. Screaming in the air out of the house presuming no one would hear her. Your take makes much sense now but at the time, it was so unnerving, I felt I couldn’t sit idly.

        1. It was her “why are you doing this to me” screams that still haunt me. As LibAdv suggested, perhaps she was screaming up to God, venting, and nothing more. I’ll never know.

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