February 1: I’m Declaring it Photography Day. Your Photos!

Last night Sound Beacher sent me some cool moon and snow pix, and I’ve been hording, since early December, great photos from CosHarbour (who I trust is not “harbouring” anger at me for taking so damn long to post them. Happy February folks.

UPDATE: Scroll to end for Blue Moon photo from reader Riverside Dog Walker.

Herewith. First up, Sound Beacher, only because it’s timely with the Blue Moon, written yesterday, January 31.

It is freezing down by the water tonight and it’s cloudy, so the 5:32 moon rise didn’t clear the clouds until a bit after that time.  Like more than 10 minutes later.  Then there were more clouds above the rising moon and so it disappeared sort of like a reverse sun set. Well, it is backwards day.

–Sound Beacher
There were clouds on the horizon, but then the moon broke thru.  (It was hard to get a good focus across the Stamford Harbor)
The color was really beautiful, a red to an orange
DSC06063Not the perfect focus which is frustrating — time to invest in a better camera maybe
DSC06069It was hard to capture, but looked great with the naked eye
Now it is rising up into another mass of clouds and looks like it setting upwards.  Kinda cool.
Now, defrosted back inside I can see the moon has risen above the tree tops but it is behind a lot of clouds just a bit of a glow breaking thru. I’m disappointed I didn’t see the eclipse this morning.  I was told by a certain family member that it was only visible on the West coast, that it would be too far down to see it here.  I was even awake at about 5:30 this morning and could have dragged myself to the beach to try and see it on the western horizon.  I just didn’t do my own research!!
More from SB: Greenwich yesterday, in the snow.



Then, from CosHarbour, sent to me waaay back in December:

Historic Homes, both owned by the same family for a long time 



Spencertown Diner, Greatest restoration of ever!


Saving a CosH classic ’til the last, Piano and tractor, Chatham NY Christmas Caroling!


From RDW, Blue Moon over Sarasota.

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    1. First of all welcome. I hope you stick around.
      You can email me photos at
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      Important note: I DO NOT keep your email address. I do not need or care to know your real name. I only ask you tell me how you want the photos ascribed, as Newbie etc.

    1. I can top that. This HYSTERICAL tweet from a radio station, where they did a sports play by play of an attempted break in. If you don’t laugh OUT LOUD, you sir are a Russian bot.

        1. Just a little stoned??? I do like that he accepted the inevitable, and lay down waiting for the cops. There are nights when I’m so bored with politics and HGTV, I find an episode of COPS. 🎵🎵 Bad boys bad boys…🎵🎵 it’s always entertaining.

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