This news won’t come as any surprise, but darn, I so loved Trumps SOTU last night, I had trouble falling asleep. The brave people he profiled made me weep with pride for them and weep in sadness too, the two families who lost daughters to gang violence. There was hope and change, and thankfully not Obama style. I called my mom at 10:32 when it was over and she too cheered. Only review not in yet, my liberal TrumpHating sister. She she doesn’t speak to me, I’ll have to wait for her email to my mother.

I suspect my sister liked the Pelosi and Schumer tactic, sitting on ones hands. Nancy, whatever she was doing picking her teeth with her tongue, oh dear me, it was awful.

The Black Caucus in their tribal garb. Such a powerful statement. Not. Those same black caucus members embraced Farrakhan, asking him for guidance. The hypocrisy of it all is mind numbing.

My favorite tweet last night was this one.

And today, will wonders never cease, pollster Frank Luntz not only liked the speech, he said he owes Trump an apology.

Anyway, I was over the Super Blue Blood Moon about the speech. The haters really can’t accept Trump is successful. Me? I am on cloud nine that I’m riding the Trump Train. WooooHoo!

Anybody watch with their teens? Miranda? I’d like to hear if families watched together. Share your thoughts.

PS: I’m hearing whispers the memo will be released. Soon.

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  1. No disagreement from me. All aboard the Trump Train. I have one of “those” family members too (who shall remain nameless because he occasionally reads your blog) and he thought the speech was crafted, thought Trump read off the teleprompter badly, that the speech was anti American , yes he said Anti American, because of Dreamers. The take away line that the Democrats really hated – Americans are Dreamers too. Nailed it.

  2. Trump hit it out of the park. Grand slam. I hope every R running for reelection uses footage of the Dems at the address.

    Two news stories out now- Amtrak train to the Greenbrier carrying GOP on way to retreat hit a dump truck. People in truck killed (or injured, not sure which).

    Trey Gowdy not running or reelection. That’s a whole lot of Rs not seeing reelection.

  3. Oh my. The North Korean defector waving his crutches. Thinking about it I’m crying all over again.

    Like you, I had a hard time falling asleep. Felt a bit like election night all over again. Yea!!

    1. That’s it. Feeling like election night all over. I hadn’t thought of it until you voiced it but yes yes and yes. That’s exactly the feeling.

      The NoKo man brought the house down, except those hateful Dems.

  4. My husband said it was good, and though he voted for Trump, he is basically tolerant and doesn’t believe me when I explain the brilliant psychological games being won by our leader. The boy and I are going to watch tonight, as we were both snoozing before it even began.

    Stone crab at 6:30, you coming🌴

  5. Pelosi was chewing her cud. Severe dementia has obviously set in. The humane thing to do would be euthanasia, but its not generally available for humans, and honestly, I’m not personally feeling particularly compassionate toward the awful witch.

  6. Well, the top comment from the boy was that he compared President Trump to teddy Roosevelt as he was flexing his military arm for show.

    I didn’t make the Kennedy rebuttal (apparently Florida has a soporific effect on me this year!) but he noted the drooling and thought he didn’t make much sense.

    We also had fun watching snippets of Pelosi and Maxine waters

        1. I think that’s the hardest part of being a parent – NOT putting political ideas in their head. I see children marching with disgusting signs about Trump or women’s body parts and I think, whoa, what parent thought this was a good idea. It’s one thing to impart values, that’s what parents do, but I let my children come about their political leanings on their own.

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