🎵 Fly me to the (Super Blue Blood) Moon🎵

From NASA:

More from NASA:

This gem by Jennifer Khordi. I mean, can it BE any more perfect a photo??

From Australia

I did not get any photos and even had I, they would have been out of focus. I’m hoping the NYC daughter, from her perch up in the 16th floor, got pix. I haven’t asked yet though.

I did notice quite a bright planet in the sky this morning. Looking up into the southern sky. What would that have been?

6 thoughts on “🎵 Fly me to the (Super Blue Blood) Moon🎵

  1. Super Blue Blood Moon. Hmmmm, how does THAT work? Blue moons are blue, Blood moons are reddish orange. I’m cornfused.

    1. You’re confused? That’s me times ten. NASA has a long definition. Too long to post here. Let’s just call is very pretty and be done.

      Nice to hear from you. Been to your little grass shack in Florida yet? Lots of good fishing I hope!!

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