In case you thought I was kidding. I was not. Trump will be president from here to eternity.

Point Number One:
Adam Schiff press conference yesterday, accusing Rs of partisan hackery in voting to Release the Nunes Memo while furious the Dem version of the memo, an opposition memo so to speak, will not be released to the public. Enter laughter!


Point Number Two:
Nancy Pelosi. No further explanation necessary, just a reminder she is the leader of the Democratic party now.

Point Number Three through Twelve Bajillion
The Hypocrisy of the Left. Thanks Al Gore for inventing the internet. Hat trick to Holden for this classically perfect hysterically on point video, showing just some of the Hypocrisy on the Left. Holden posted this clip on another blog. Yes, people, there are other blogs. Hard for me to accept though.

And this people, especially any of you Trump doubters, is why Trump might even become our first Emperor. The crooked Left is going to be exposed. Orange is the new Black.

Looking forward to Trump’s Make America Great(er) tonight State of the Union. Thrilled to see so many Democrats boycotting speech. It merely furthers the fact they are not ever interested in working with this presient.


16 thoughts on “In case you thought I was kidding. I was not. Trump will be president from here to eternity.

  1. You are right, as long as Trump keeps draining the swamp, we’ll see the depth of the corruption on the left. The Never Trumpers are scared too because they are also in on trying to spy on and ruin Trump’s chances of being president. Bill Kristol, number one enemy.

  2. I predict many Never Trumpers will be exposed in this memo, not just Kristol. Jeb, Romney, McCain. They all got together and did a pinky swear to cut Trump off at the knees.

    The funny new hashtag is #TweetTheMemo, people suggesting Trump tweet out the pieces of the Nunes memo one at a time. Like Obama slow talking the news back on The Tonight show.

    The shithole is in the federal government – bad apples.

    1. Excellent point and I should have included it because Hollyhock (Hollywood, but funny auto correct made it hollyhock!) elite do play a major role in Trump remaining president for life. Especially the likes of Mark Ruffalo.

      1. Did you hear Ruffalo call Trump supporters the ugly underbelly of America! Let that jerkoff try saying it again in the Heartland. He’d get shredded to bits. And I’d help.

        1. Oh yes. I heard that. I second your desire to take care of Ruffalo in flyover country. I vote it be with 10,000 rats and 10 eagles!!! Throw in the lions for good measure.

  3. Orange is the New Black has so many meanings now. It should be Trump’s tagline. 🙂

    I have a couple girlfriends from my condo complex coming over to watch the SOTU with me – both of whom have already had the flu so I don’t feel I’m infecting anyone, even though I’d say I’m recovered. It’s interesting to see more and more Trump fans my age in Greenwich willing to out themselves as such.

    1. I think not. With most people connected to social media in some way, live-blogging seems very last century. I’m sure I’ll have a review tomorrow, if that’s any consolation.

        1. When God created gifs, all was right with the world. They are so expressive, 100000000x better than any/all emojis.

          PS: The link to that gif is pretty strange. All in Spanish. You flee to Mexico or something?

        2. Yeah, I saw that too, but, the image was halfway decent, the URL ending thingee looked like it would work and I was too lazy to look further.
          BTW, the woman, Paige Ginn, does this for sh*ts and giggles – the blonde mane helps a lot…

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