Trump is going to be president until the end of time! UPDATED!!

And fine by me.

Last night, at the Grammy Awards, Hillary Clinton thought it would be fun and clever to read excerpts from Michael Wolff’s trash book Fire and Fury. As you might imagine, the in-house crowd went wild with cheers. Hillary knows the Left loves her so I suppose in that sense she played her cards right by doing this stunt. But god, it was cringeworthy awful. So awful, I can’t post the video. I’ll let you find it.

In the book, Wolff says Secretary Nikki Haley slept with Trump to get her title, but Haley pushed back, but her pushback got pushed back by the disgusting TrumpHating left saying any woman who works for Trump deserves all the hate thrown her way.

True to the internet’s true talent, the cover of the book is being photoshopped. Hilarity ensued! Ha ha ha.

Beyond the HRC debacle, the Dems are digging themselves in a hole so deep I’m not sure they’ll ever win another election.

Tomorrow night, after the State of the Union, the Dems have chosen…..wait for it….a Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy III, to make the official Democrat response. You can’t make this stuff up. A Kennedy.

Ben Rhodes, one of Hillary’s loudest mouthpieces, says Kennedy is the future. Oh dear god in heaven.

But that’s not all folks. Our favorite Dem, Maxine Waters, is also going to give a speech. Oh boy. Ya think she’ll demand 45 is impeached??!! 😂

Here’s’s the kicker, the real reason Trump will be President forever, is Hollywood elites have planned a People’s State of the Union, led by I Can’t Act My Way Out of a Paper Bag Mark Ruffalo and I See Nazi Gnomes Alyssa Milano.

We The People elected Trump. We The People got fed up with Hollywood wanted to be our moral compass. We The People are seeing more money in our paychecks and in our 401k. But sure, Mark and Alyssa are The People. Should be Must See TV. Not.

In other news, snow is due tonight into tomorrow. Enough yet again to postpone my trip to Delaware.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I dreamed rats were coming to kill me after the weekend post. Yikes. It wasn’t pretty!!

Happy Monday. Who all plans to watch the SOTU? Should I live-blog it? Your call.

UPDATE: Saw this meme online and couldn’t stop laughing. It’s so true and another reason Trump will be president forever. That and how slimy Schiff is.


20 thoughts on “Trump is going to be president until the end of time! UPDATED!!

  1. The Ruffalo-Milano-Moore rally is pure America Hate, not “just” Trump Hate. Ruffalo was in Paris last week saying everyone to spoke to him asked him why Trump is president, furthering my position that Ruffalo is as far removed from We The People as anyone could ver be. From Fox, here’ the whole saga. There’s an entrance fee of $47. Not free.

    “A group of Hollywood elites, progressive groups and social activists are planning a “People’s State of the Union” as a “public alternative” on the eve of President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address.

    Notable participants in Monday’s scheduled event in New York City include filmmaker Michael Moore, actors Mark Ruffalo, Alyssa Milano, Rosie Perez and Whoopi Goldberg.

    They’ll congregate at the Town Hall in Manhattan, the venue where suffragists met in the 1920s. Singer Andra Day and rapper Common will be performing the song, “Stand Up for Something,” from the biopic film “Marshall,” about the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

    Tickets were still available Saturday at $47 each.

    The event, coordinated by unions, organizers of the Women’s March and Planned Parenthood, is being marketed as a celebration of the “resistance,” closer to “the people’s point of view,” USA Today reported. “

  2. I think Hillary wants to run again. Seriously. Otherwise, she wouldn’t continually put herself out there. She does love the limelight and she expects everyone to fawn over her. She wasn’t too keen on the NYT story about her campaign adviser tho.

    Don’t discount the women’s movement and the resistance. If nothing else, they get out the vote asa witnessed by many an upset t the local/regional level last year. They hate Trump SO much they will arm themselves to get him out of office.

    As for Kennedy, he isn’t who I would have picked. But CNN will give him more airtime than the SOTU and will praise him, no matter what he says.

        1. I remember that SNL sketch real time and it was hilarious then and eerily hilarious now, the references of what not to tell Hillary especially. Can u imagine SNL mocking Michelle Obama’s school lunch in that same tone? Phil Hartman was a comedic giant.

  3. On the mend from the flu (Peter I hope you are finally well), I watched some of the Grammy Awards last night. I didn’t know any of the songs and very few of the performers, other than the famous names. I didn’t see Hillary but I’m sorry I missed it. I would have liked first hand knowledge of what a crazy bitch she is. Some on twitter are agreeing with me, that she needs to stay on tv.

    1. Jane, that was a LONG haul with the flu. One of my kids is home from work with what he thinks is the flu. With three little kids in the house, he might come here to recover so he doesn’t give to everyone else.

      Who is Candace Owens? I don’t know her but she nailed her tweet. Spot on. Thanks

        1. How on earth do I not know this beautiful smart woman??? I’m only 9 minutes into the hour long interview and already I feel the need to make popcorn. The world needs 1000000000000000 more Candace Owens. Thanks for the info. Loving the clip.
          PS: I also see I’m missing a lot in life by not watching The Rubin Report but I’m not of the generation who thinks News=YT. I should re-educate myself.

        2. We’ve got a LOT of great peeps in this town, notwithstanding the IDIOT D’ D’ D’ Dan Malloy coming from here.

        3. As a matter of fact, I see that rocker Cyndi Lauper is (was?) a Stamford resident. Her 1970s house was profiled online and I think it was for sale. I’ll go find a link and add it. Hang on…

          I’m back. Here it is. She’s sold the house. Says North Stamford so maybe up by me at the border? The outside front of the house is cute. Beyond that, I got nothing nice to say about it. Yikes!!! Someone paid $804k for it.

    2. Jane, we are on the mend too but not back to normal. We’ve consumed every bottle of OJ in the supermarket but feel a bit weak. Glad to hear you are nearly fully recovered. We had to take our house off the market temporarily while we got well – we didn’t dare have showings when we couldn’t leave the house.

      I can’t comment on the Grammy’s or Hillary or anything else. I haven’t been able to watch news.

  4. McCabe is out at the FBI. #DrainingTheSwamp

    It’s only a matter of time before the memo is released. I predict CNN or NYT will see to it released a half hour before the SOTU.

    1. This news has me baffled. Some say he was removed. Other’s say he resigned. All say he’s able to hang in there until he gets his full pension in March. Nice work being a federal employee.

      All the players in the Russian Collusion No Collusion scenario are blending in. I need a cheat sheet of who is good and who is bad. I think this is good, that McCabe is out. Right?

      1. Anyone’s guess at this point in time. The Wall Street Journal is saying McCabe is out because Trump didn’t like him but Sarah sanders said Trump had no part in McCabe’s departure. All I know is the more Comey tweets out poetry and the more Eric Holder whines, the more #DrainingTheSwamp is the real deal.

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