I’m going with the Eagles and The Lions

No, not football. A silly meme that I got sent easily six times yesterday. It’s a fun exercise and of the people who sent it to be, no one chose the same two.

The object is to select the two species of animal that will defend you. The choices are made with the understanding that whatever goes unpicked would become an enemy dead-set on killing you.

The photo is small so if you can’t see it well, your choices are

50 Eagles
10 Crocodiles
3 Bear
7 Bulls
1 Armed Human
15 Wolves
10,000 rats
5 Gorilla
4 Lions

May the best man win.

21 thoughts on “I’m going with the Eagles and The Lions

  1. Rats. Gotta go with rats and eagles. Any city dweller knows rats will kill anything in its site. I want them on my side, not panicked they’ll be coming for me in the middle of the night. Especially 10,000 of them.

    The eagles will kill what the rats don’t consume.

    1. Rats were a heavy favorite in the people who sent me this game. I see your point but I’m counting on the eagles to kill the rats faster than the rats will kill me. The lions will kill the rest easily.

  2. Even though we’re both still in flu mode here, this piqued our interest enough to comment.

    Wife= Rats. Eagles.
    Me= Eagles. Lions.

    I agree with you that the eagles are capable of killing the rats before the rats kill me.

    Back to the sick bay. We are on day 8 of this flu. It’s a deadly strain.

    1. Day 8? I’m so sorry to read you’re both still sick. I’ve read that some are on day 14 and still have not gotten better. Just be careful. The deadly strain you refer to is fact. It’s killed many many people. Get outside in that Florida sunshine to bake away the coughs and aches. Keep us informed. Get well soon.

    1. I thought about wolves too. And you make a good point about the number of wolves but I still think two lions would kill more things and faster than 15 wolves.

    1. ‘cuz ‘Merica! Great answer. But whoa, that gun. I couldn’t handle it so I’d be killed by the lions before loading the ammo. Love the slo-mo version of the video. Very testosteroney, not a San Francisco treat!

  3. 13 year old boy made a strong case for rats + armed human. Holden’s weapon choice would seal his argument, I think (in trained hands, of course)

    Peter, feel better!

      1. I thought the armed human was an extra person for you, so let armed human worry about blasting the daylights out of the big stuff…

        … and you can keep an eye on the eagles picking off the rats

        1. That was my boy’s idea. 10,000 rats are many, and would cause at least a few moments overwhelm for the big animals, while human picks off the eagles, then the others as they overcome the rats. No one else came up with a viable alternative.

          If I’m doomed to die, though. Picked by rats or birds is probably the worst, killed by sniper the best. Hmmm, morbid Sunday thoughts.

  4. I’ve given this a fair amount of thought. Where I live, it’s unlikely crocodiles, lions and gorillas would come after me. That leaves eagles, bulls, rats, bears and wolves- and the armed human. I think i’ll Go with the gun slinger and the rats.

    1. You read my mind. I may move your comment to today’s thread. Ok?

      Actually, if you could just repost your comment in the new thread that would help me. I can’t duplicate your avatar etc. Thanks.

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