What good is a blogger who misses the big photo op? None.

Just now major noise and mayhem in the back-forty that sounded like animal murder. Screeches that were not pleasant. I knew something was getting killed but didn’t recognize the noise.

I ran to the back door and looked out over the fields and saw two huge red fox RUNNING like crazy, running so fast they were leaping. Running toward the house out of the fields. Then running down the driveway out to the road.

Both fox had long legs with black paws like this (not my photo, from Google search).

If they were the ones running away, were they then the ones targeted and the ones screeching? Would something larger like a coyote or hawk go after fox??

The two running seemed fine but I wonder if they were mom and dad in a den with fox babies who were killed?

I haven’t seen these fox for a few years so I guess as it’s a good thing to see them back. I like the regular food chain around me. I see hawk and deer and coyote. Many years a band of wild turkeys. Today something pounced.

Nature at work.

14 thoughts on “What good is a blogger who misses the big photo op? None.

      1. In my limited experience, this would not be a time when the fox would have pups. They might be mating now but birth is usually later, toward spring.

  1. We have fox galore in our fields. More than I’ve ever seen in previous years. They are more apt to be the ones causing the screeching noises you heard but then why would they be running.

    Did you watch Trump’s Davos speech?

    1. Remind me where you are John. Nearby?

      Yes, I saw the speech. Not a ten. Not a two. Somewhere in between. I thought he did better when asked questions later and he spoke extemporaneously. He’s left Davos already. Heading home.

      1. I’m bi(coastal). Home in Greenwich. Home in La Jolla. It’s the house in Greenwich where we see the fox.

        I gave the speech an 8.5. Strong but not specific enough for me.

    1. I gotta tell you Cobra, this whole Mueller FBI Russia Collusion Strzok Page Fake News Release the Memo combo of stories has my head spinning. I honestly don’t know who the good guys are in this soap opera, if there are even any good guys. Your take?

    1. Ya know, it happened so quickly I don’t know that I could describe what I heard, other than I was sure it was Animal Kingdom killing. At first I thought it might be a hawk getting a rabbit and that’s why I looked up first. When I didn’t see my resident hawk, I moved to the back of the house and that’s when I saw the fox running toward me.

      1. We sometimes hear these screams coming from our woods in back most often after dark. I too thought it might be a rabbit getting killed (I have heard rabbits scream when they’re in mortal danger).

        My wife loves British mystery novels, and she kept seeing references to vixen screaming, apparently a popular way for British authors to add creepy atmosphere. She found some examples of it online, and we are convinced it is the same scream we heard from our woods. Here is an article about the phenomenon in which it’s described as “blood curdling.”

        What you observed was probably a fox tryst, the beginning of a new life, perhaps, rather than the end of one.


        1. I’m laughing but your theory makes sense that the screams and the leaping running was not killing but rather the glow of the aftermath. Neither fox had a cigarette though! The two were leaping which did seem more celebratory than fear. Gee, learn something new everyday. Thanks!!!

        2. We heard the fox again today just after dark around 6 pm. This time it sounded more like a call than a scream. It went on for quite awhile, easily 8-9 min, enough to get a good impression of it. My wife searched online and found some tracks that sound quite like it. Vixens make a wide variety of sounds, and the males vocalize as well, so who knows what this was. She found that Jan-Mar is the mating season. Anyway, my wife came across this video in her searching – not the same sound we heard, but we found it amusing. I thought you might too.

        3. So fascinating. Thanks. To my ear, the fox sounds like an eagle or hawk. And that’s why when I first heard the sound, I looked up in the sky, assuming it was a hawk killing. I was stunned to see two fox. I have not heard nor seen them since.
          We occasionally get fisher (sp?) cats. Their call is equally strange.

          Thanks again for the clip and updating us on what’s happening in your backyard. I love nature.

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