“I’m not sure that $1,000 goes very far for anyone”

That gem in the post headline is from dim Democrat lightbulb Debbie Wasserman Schultz…..isn’t she special!

Meanwhile, in the real world, $1000 is not crumbs either, like Nancy Pelosi claimed. What planet do these elite Dems live on??????????????

I say, let them continue to utter these lame comments. All the better for a landslide Trump 2020 victory. We Deplorables understand the value of every dollar, $100 or $1000 or $10,000 or more. We get that money to the working men and women means money back in the US economy.

I watched three hours of Mornings with Maria today, she live in Davos, and I was so damn thrilled to hear Secretary’s Ross, Mnunchin, and Chao talk about how America First is a real thing. Forgive all the Twitter video clips, but they are awesome to hear and damn, they are so good and right.

Mnuchin got lamestream media press yesterday for his comments on the strength of the dollar but the press took his comment out of context and strung the wrong words together to make it sound like Mnuchin doesn’t care about the dollar. It’s actually the polar opposite.

I;m not embarrassed to say I love Trump. He is doing all the right things to Make America Great Again. It’s exciting, refreshing, and rewarding to be seeing world CEOs unite in understanding that this is a good time to invest in America.

Meanwhile, Oprah has made it official, saying running for president isn’t in her DNA (whatever that means). But gee, seems John Kerry is thinking of getting into the act. Kerry saying, If Trump survives his first term, I may seek to unseat him in 2020. All this while clearly hating on Israel (Obama’s administrations goal, to hate Israel), Kerry urged Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to resist President Trump.

“[Abbas] should stay strong in his spirit and play for time — that he should not break down and not capitulate to Trump’s demands.

Now someone from the DOJ, go arrest Kerry for sedition. What a jerk.

20 thoughts on ““I’m not sure that $1,000 goes very far for anyone”

    1. I like Ross. Met him a few times from his past Bedford connections. I think he’s right for the job. Old yes but wise and a good businessman.

  1. Well, let’s face it, for the millionaires in Washington D.C., a thousand bucks is petty cash… they only worry about the big stuff.

    At the risk of offending your apolitical readers and those readers of the Progressive Democrat persuasion:

    1. I may be blinded by my love of Making America Great Again, but I honestly can’t see anyone defeating Trump in 2020. Not Kamala. Not Cuomo. Not Gillibrand. Not Biden. Not Booker. Not Perez. And now that Oprah’s out, that leaves the media to hope Michelle O will throw her Birkin bag into the ring.

      Pelosi hasn’t a clue what every day people do to make ends meet. All that Botox is clouding her decision making skills! 🙂

  2. I knew Trump was going to win the Republican primary. I prayed he would win the election.
    And I hoped he would be a good President.
    He has succeeded beyond my expectations, in spite of all the evil thrown at him, day in and day out.
    I endured the Obama reign of terror in a fog of sorrow and disbelief. Now, I’ve come back to life and I thank God and DJT for it.

    1. Agree 1000000000000000000000000000000000% but I was NOT sure Trump would win the primary and I was not sure he could defeat the Clinton Obama machine. What a glorious night was November 2016. I’ll never forget that feeling of joy.

  3. I’m home with the flu so I’ve been watching news all day and can’t get over how little the network channels talk about Davos, other than to show protesters. It’s o wonder Americans are ignorant as to global economy. Trump is doing a great job. Let’s hope his State of the Union is great too.

      1. You guys too, the flu? Shall I overnight you some of Katz’s Deli chicken soup. It’ll cure what ails you.

        I guess the good news is you have people coming through the house. Sorry you had to send them away.

        Knock on wood, we are all flu-free.

        1. I’ve never had a flu shot. Nor has Mr. EOS. Knock on wood jinx jinx patooie we’ve never had full blown flu. A cold yes but not down and out. Sorry that you are both sick at the same time.

      1. What’s the most remarkable (in a good sense) about that excellent video is how Trump is so comfortable with every CEO. He engages each one in conversation about their company, compliments them as well. It’s brilliant. Obama, never once running a thing, had no rapport with these CEOs and never commanded their respect. Thanks for the clip.

  4. My flu was so bad I had to call my doctor. I came down with it Monday. Don’t know where I got it either. Count your lucky stars you don’t have it. Peter and Betty, I feel your sniffling achy pain.

    1. Was he from New Canaan? I heard that a young boy died, one who played ice hockey, so I figured he was from someplace nearby. So very sad. I understood he was fine one day then dead the next.

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