Now that the 100th party is in the books, that leaves planning for my 70th


I am still shocked that planning my mother’s 100th was so simple and was executed to perfection [see me, patting myself on the back].

The MUCH harder party planning is organizing my 70th in April. We’re some 15-16 strong – family and friends coming from Virginia, Massachusetts, Iowa, Pennsylvania, as well family around here. We’re all age groups too if we include the kidlets. That’s a question for later.

I woke up in a cold sweat today wondering how I can pull this off. The plan as of today is to gather in the city, do something fun Saturday day, have dinner out Saturday night, do something fun Sunday after breakfast, then people head home.

It’s the Something’s Fun that has me panicked. There’s a home Yankees game against the Orioles Saturday at 1:05p but that would mean those coming up from Virginia (one from Charlottesville and two from right outside DC) would have to get up at the crack of dawn to get to the city by 11:30am so we could get to Yankees Stadium. Their hotel rooms wouldn’t be ready so they’d have to drop their luggage and run. Seems too big an ask. If people come Friday into the city, that’s TWO nights of a hotel and those who work would have to decide if they take off a day for me or come in at the end of the day. Then what do we do Friday night if those who work come in late?

I think that scenario is out.

Everyone arriving in the city early Saturday afternoon makes sense, but then what to do with everyone that isn’t a baseball game that starts at 1p and that doesn’t last so long that there isn’t time to regroup back at the hotel before changing and going out to dinner?

Then there’s the whole Where to Have Dinner question. If the kids are all included, then dinner can’t be at Eleven Madison Park or Per Se. We’ve talked about doing something relaxed and fun, like Sylvia’s or Amy Ruth’s in Harlem but that would also require getting everyone as a group TO Harlem, meaning hiring a van or Suburban to shadow us.

So would it them make more sense to eat in midtown right near the hotel? If yes, then maybe we do something special, without the kids, like one of our favorite spots, Fresco by Scotto.

Been there many many times and love the family ambiance and attention to detail. But it’s far too fancy for the wee ones which goes back to the second paragraph – do the kids actually participate in this series of events? It would be up to their parents to decide, not me, but it might be hard.

We talked about doing a full Circle Line Tour but when? We still run into problems with when people get into the city on Saturday. I don’t know for a fact, but I’m pretty sure the Virginia peeps are taking the train up. Would make the most sense. Not sure how the Boston peeps are coming down.

So what if we do nothing Saturday afternoon, let people come in, check in to the hotel, have a fun early dinner, then after dinner do something? But what? If it’s a jazz or comedy club, that for sure negates any kids. I could ask my niece a movie editor to rent us a private screening room and we could screen some new movie, but then we are all sitting in a room saying nothing. Not very birthday like.

I thought maybe we all go to the Museum of Natural History for some special private tour or see something at the Rose Planetarium but my gang and most others have been there done that a thousand times.

Sooooooooooooooo, this morning we hashed out whether we bail on the city and take the whole gang to some resort. It would have to be where everyone could get to easily from everywhere and it would also mean for those coming from a distance, negating their opportunity to take a train directly. That might be an imposition. Maybe we pay for everyone to fly to DisneyWorld??????????

Who knew being 70 was so complicated and being 100 was so simple. I am totally at a crossroads of what is a good thing to do. H-E-L-P.


24 thoughts on “Now that the 100th party is in the books, that leaves planning for my 70th

  1. I think you just solved your problem. DisneyWorld.
    Orlando is so easy to get to from every locale you mentioned. The kids could be involved, or not.
    Disney is great at handling logistics like luggage and transportation. And The Grand Floridian has two outstanding restaurants – Victoria and Albert’s and Narcoosies.

    1. I’m trying to get through to Disney now but but but despite Verizon telling me yesterday they FIXED my landline problem dialing out when I get the message “all circuits are busy”, thrice now I’ve tried dialing and it’s the same damn message. Grrr.

  2. If you can get tickets for Come From Away you will have given a special gift to all your friends and family🎭

      1. Yes I came down to New York just to see it. Your family will love it and come out smiling. It is a one act musical about the people who landed by airplane in Gander, New Foundland on 9:11 and about the local Newfoundlanders who came to their aid.

  3. Hold on. You’re planning all this and paying for it and it’s YOUR birthday? Maybe it’s time to step back and let the party planning genes instilled in those little ones of yours be allowed to bloom and grow? I can hear it now: “Mom is great and all, but, she never lets us do anything”

    1. Mr. EOS and I had a long talk about this. There was no way in hell I was going to invite people to celebrate my birthday and let them pay one penny. It’s one thing if everyone lived near but they don’t. I’m not 100 where people would feel obliged to get to my birthday no matter what. 70 is a nothing age anymore so it’s really just an excuse to gather everyone and have fun. As for letting the kids do anything. Just yesterday I got a notice of penalty for a parking ticket unpaid in my car. Knowing I was not home when said ticket was levied, I generously let the child who used my car to pay the $65. See, I’m letting them bloom and grow.

        1. My father’s favorite expression was “it’s only money”. I feel the same way. It’s my gift to my family and friends.

          Creepy those Friends without Laughter clips.

  4. Hold on to your wallet when you see what it costs for park tickets at Disneyworld. It’s a king’s ransom.

    1. Felidia, now that is a blast from my Gordon Gekko wannabee past. Still owned by the same family, I think. Fond memories.

      I was going to chime in that I found Red Rooster on the next block to be much better than Sylvia’s. Though it might be too chi chi for young ones. Feed them the yardbird and all is good.

      1. 1. Felidia is owned by Lidia Bastianich.
        2. Fresco is owned by the Scotto family, Rosanno on NYC’s Channel 5 in the morning.

        Two separate entities.

        Red Rooster was mentioned. It’s on the short list if we end up staying in the city.

  5. For your Birthday activity:
    Well was FORCED to pay for and upgrade to the new aol. and it’s another reason to abandon AOL. I want to send you 3 ideas — this is my 4th attempt
    The RIde, see earlier link
    Or this boat ride.
    Maybe you could book the whole bus or the whole boat.
    What about a walking tour of NYC there are some great food tours.
    Or a Scavenger Hunt. A group of my friends did the Watson scavenger hunt at the MET. That would appeal to all ages.
    -Sound Beacher
    (will try to figure why I can’t post with my email etc. )

    1. Thanks for the awesome ideas Anonymous. The reason your one comment didn’t go through is THREE links flags the comment as spam. Sorry. I went and retrieved it though and glad I did.

      We’re regrouping about the birthday as we found it next to impossible to mesh 19 people from age 3 to 70, and everything in between, to one plan that makes everyone happy, no matter what that plan is.

      Blowing out candles on a homemade cake in 10506-land might be just the ticket.

    1. I can set how many links are allowed before it goes to spam and I thought I set it to three, which means your comment should have posted, but sometimes WP overrides my wishes. I guess it’s for the good because WP does an amazing job catching spam. It’s very rare a spammer gets through here.

    1. Went there what seems like 100 years ago. Haven’t been back since but the huge billboards are there so I’m glad to know they are still in biz.

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