What Us Long Suffering Giants Fans are Thinking Today!

Yes, we watched both games and yes, I cheered for Brady and the Patriots (Mr. EOS’s team!). I had a harder time rooting for the Iggles (some if the rudest fans on the planet) and had hoped the Vikings could play in their home stadium for a Super Bowl. Has that ever happened??

The best though was despite the best efforts of the famed Crisco Cops in Philly to grease the light poles, diehard fans found a way to shimmy up to cheer!!

Busy weekend and week coming up. Heading to Delaware to catch up with mom and run a few errands with her.

No news to report otherwise.

3 thoughts on “What Us Long Suffering Giants Fans are Thinking Today!

  1. We bailed on the Eagles game when it was 31-7. Saw the handwriting on the wall. It’ll be a good Super Bowl. Can’t decide who I’ll root for. Probably the Patriots. I can’t find hos tweet now but Bill Kristol likes both teams but moans that the SB is being played in the middle on nowhere. Minneapolis, middle of nowhere?

    PS: Had two open houses and so far no takers. Might have to lower price this week.

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