He Broke Them!

Weather has gotten in the way of my Delaware plans – rain and lots of it – so I’m rescheduling the visit for another time. It’s hard enough to cross the GWB at 6am in the dark, but when it’s complicated by lots of rain, it’s too much. No thanks. The rain is short-lived I see, but mom is in agreement – that going and doing so many errands when getting in and out of the car means umbrellas or dashing – not gonna happen.

So, I’m here, ready to talk Shutdown and the Dems caving. I wish wish wish I could take credit for this very clever photo and headline but alas, I can not.


Honest to god, I laughed so hard seeing this, I nearly wet myself.

Then there’s this brilliant analogy too…

While smiling at the fact that Putz Schumer had to give in to Trump, I’m also trying to deal with a few problem on my Verizon landline.

  1. When I call out, many of the calls I make say “all circuits aree busy. Please try again”.
  2. When people call me and I’m on the phone, rather than getting b busy signal, hey get a message that my number can’t be reached.

The Verizon agent was pleasant enough and said she reset my FIOS digital voice communications box and that “should” solve both problems. She said the problems occurred at their end.

I’m also trying to solve an itchy problem. Mr. EOS seems to react to the salt in our water softener. He gets a rash under hi arms and along his sides. We thought it might be the soap so changed brands but no matter what soap, here is is bothered with irritation. Not in RI where there is no water softener in place. So I called my local Culligan dealer and he said he’s never heard anyone complain. So I called Culligan corporate and got a very defensive very unhelpful woman who told me Culligan is in the business of installing water softener systems and that Mr. EOS needed to see a doctor. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll, isn’t she special.

Google “water softener salt causes rash” and you can see it’s a pretty common problem. Seems if we change salt brands to pure salt we might eliminate the problem. Anyone else gone through this?




7 thoughts on “He Broke Them!

    1. Holy cow Holden. Do you have a camera in my house or something. I was just just just just just this second watching that clip in a tweet from @Allahpundit. The responses are hysterical.

      Sessions ramped things up a notch today re the “missing” Strozk Page text messages. This #ReleaseTheMemo frenzy has me ready to put all those Dems behind bars.

        1. I’m reading this morning that Strozk hired DAVID BOIES. First of all, no individual can afford Boies. Especially a civil servant. So who is footing the bill???? The Clinton Foundation? Soros? The DNC? Show me the money!!!

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