These Women Don’t Represent Any Values I Hold True

I’m a pretty strong woman who comes from a long line of strong women. I care about other women. I care about what all today’s daughters think. I care about their future.

In my life I’ve never been harassed. I’ve never been assaulted. I’ve been treated well in the work force except when I was stupid enough to be responsible for my own firing.

I adore men but in my mind we women are very different than men. That’s a good thing in my book. We can not be equals on every platform. We can’t always earn the same wage. We can’t expect men to understand us at every moment. Long married couples will tell you that we may know each other very well, but there are still moments that perplex us about our partner.

Gender stereotypes are what lost Hillary the election (other than the fact she was a horrible candidate). Hillary EXPECTED all women to vote for her because she’s a woman. How does that even make sense? It doesn’t. Women, thankfully, contrary to what Hillary wanted, are strong enough to make up their own minds.

So, today, women under knitted pussy hats are making a sad sack comeback, marching all around the world. For what? To tell the lapdog media they hate Trump? To say More Women Should Be Elected to Office? Yes.

The scary aspect of this movement is the money behind it. Don’t think for one moment the Women’s March isn’t heavily funded by George Soros and his Indivisible group. They are hellbent in taking down every town. Every election. Everywhere.

The women marching today are sheep in my mind. They have a mob mentality, spewing hate for women who don’t share their point of view.

Then the men who are marching with the Resist Women? No words. Example: whipped Joe Scarborough. Sigh.

I don’t know for a fact because she doesn’t speak to me but I’m guessing (assuming) my sister and her older daughter are marching in the city today. They are both full blown TrumpHaters, convinced Trump hates women.

I have more positive things to do with my day. I can’t imagine marching. Can’t even imagine thinking marching today against Trump makes sense. Anyone you know marching????


11 thoughts on “These Women Don’t Represent Any Values I Hold True

  1. I have some good friends who may be marching somewhere today. We’re still friends because we tacitly agreed years ago not to discuss politics.

  2. I don’t get the woman’s march either. They are humiliating themselves in my eyes. And men are being neutered (see Morning Joe).

    I’m cooking all day today making soups and casseroles to freeze. The kids are with their cousins, my husband is at work so he can take Monday off so I have the house to myself.

  3. Several of my daughter’s friends are marching in Atlanta. Our daughter is not one of them and she said it’s very difficult to be a late 20-something conservative woman. She is often ostracized for her opinions and finds her only option is to never talk politics.

    I find it a bizarre way to express women power when it’s more man hate they are espousing.

  4. Peter I can so relate to your daughter. In the late eighties I was a twenty-something professional living in Boston. As a conservative woman I was essentially considered a freak. But what was interesting was that my friends and coworkers, all left wing robots, respected me and knew that I was a lot smarter than them. They were never rude to me about my beliefs. I would say they were perplexed.
    My standard response when asked if I would participate in this or that feminism march was this:
    To me feminism involves two things and two things only. Hating men and the right to kill babies. I choose not to hate and I will never believe that killing is a right.
    No one ever argued with me.

  5. Enjoy the day!

    1. Trump trolled them big time and the idiots libs will never ever get this stable genius of a man. Maybe his Best tweet ever! I laughed my ass off. Truly I did.

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