Put One in the Win(vian) Column

100th Birthday party organizing complete. Winvian Farm, Morris, CT. 


It took several huge email chains to decide that a beach house rental was not what the majority wanted. No one wanted to cook or clean for a weekend and the majority also felt the Beach really didn’t reflect my mother’s sensibilities.

We then went through a long list of resorts, with the caveat that it needs to be easy to get to for everyone. We had mom’s 95th at The Greenbrier in West Virginia and that was wonderful butttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, the drive was not. More than nine hours each way made for a long weekend. Coming home, one interstate was shut down completely for hours because of a double tractor trailer accident. Ouch.

We looked at Mohonk Mountain House – they have a new six bedroom Lodge near the Inn but six bedrooms wasn’t enough and we thought the terrain wasn’t suited to mom either. Nixed that.

That led us to Winvian. I’ve been there for a wedding. Gorgeous wedding on gorgeous grounds. A good friend of my sister’s had her 75th birthday there. So we looked into it.

Winvian is beautiful but it is primarily a destination for city peeps who want a country experience, where in truth there’s little real country about the experience. We decided since we are all true experienced country folk (even the city dwellers are somewhat), we could go and enjoy without having other guests think were Brooklyn hipsters.

We’re basically taking over the place – not totally, but we booked eight cottages, all near each other and that was the hardest part – each family had to choose their own cottage – each one has a theme but shockingly, everyone found a cottage that suited them without any duplication. Mr. EOS and I deferred to the end to choose our cottage, allowing the kids and my mom to select first. We didn’t really care what cottage we had, as long as it was near everyone else.


We’ve taken Beaver Lodge, Treehouse (for the teenage great-grandchildren), Woodlands, Maritime, Secret Society, Artist, Library, and Stone. Phew. Poor people who book Golf for the weekend! And oddly, we didn’t choose Golf, even though Mom and most of us ARE Golfers. It wasn’t pretty enough.


We gave mom Artist because it was the lightest and brightest. Other cottages might have been prettier but were dark and mom struggles a bit when things are dark. We didn’t want her to trip. The prettiest room overall is called Hadley Suite but it’s in the main house, far from everyone, and mom would have to deal with two flights of stairs and a long hallway. We eliminated that.

Soooooooooooooooo, we’ve plunked down our (gulp) 50% deposit, two day minimum stay, and just need to wait til early autumn. In telling mom that we were done, she asked, What if I don’t live until October???? I thought for a second and said We’ll go anyway and toast you. She was okay with that.

20 thoughts on “Put One in the Win(vian) Column

    1. Ok, doing too many things at once. Just now realized that they are your MOTHER’s teenage great=grandkids!! LOL . Let me go back to work!

  1. I’ve always wanted to go there! I’m on their email list but that’s really just a pipe dream. How wonderful for all of you.
    The last two sentences of your post are among the best things you’ve ever written. Your Mom is one truly fantastic woman. She makes me smile and I don’t even know her. But I’d love to.

    1. It’s expensive, no lying. Add the CT lodging taxes and resort fees to the bottom line and ouch, but mom has done so much for all of us and she’s the glue for the family that is now politically divided. To gather as a unified group to celebrate her 100 years will be a moment no one will forget.

  2. Congrats on the venue. Why not send a letter to the White House to see if you can get Big Don to sign a letter commemorating this historic anniversary? So as not to leave out “the others”, you can use this for balance (or just get a new one from him as ex-POTUS):

    1. My other full time job lately has been getting mom to DC for a Trump meet and greet. If I pull it off, it’ll be the coup of her century. If. And it’s a big if.

  3. Was there discussion about celebrating on the sooner side rather than waiting to closer to the actual date?

    My best friend’s granddaughter was married at Winvian about three years ago. It’s a perfect wedding and family gathering venue. Good choice.

    1. Yes, there was discussion. The first plan was to take time this summer but believe it or not, with this peripatetic family, it was not easy. Most of us felt tho that if we celebrated too early it would be kind of a gyp for mom who would then have to wait until November to be feted officially. There was no win-win solution.

      1. I read “peripatetic” as “pathetic” and I couldn’t figure out why you’d want to dis yourselves so. My dyslexia is showing.

        Agree with others. Great plan. Good destination. Lots to keep people busy. A+++.

  4. Once you said $ was no object and I knew Twin Farms, being in VT, was out of the running, where else but Winvian could it be? WOW, WOW,WOW. Beautiful area, lovely time of the year. It’s perfect.

    1. I’ve never been to Twin Farms but I’m sure it’s identical to all these deeeeluxe “farms” that cater to city folk. Maybe I’ll go wearing a bib overall so they know I’m not a city slicker.
      Bottom line, Winvian will make MOM happy so it’ll make all of us happy and yes, that makes it perfect.

  5. You did a fantastic job finding the perfect location and close enough for everyone to come and go.

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