I’m making a big batch of popcorn

Today or tonight, not sure when or how, President Trump is scheduled to deliver the First Annual Fake News Awards. I suspect CNN will get the highest honors with MSNBC’s Mika and Joe coming in a close second.

I don’t expect the media, especially Whining Jim Acosta, to take it well. Nasty RINOs Jeff Flake and McCain are calling Trump Stalin for criticizing the press. All I can say is Flake was named aptly. In other words, should be Must See TV.

Bedford schools are closed today. Why, I’m not sure. We have at most 1.5″ of snow. It’s very pretty but NOT a winter storm and NOT worthy of closing schools.

I did a thousand errands yesterday assuming the storm would actually be a storm and ran into the most frustration at the gas station. I went around 11:30am when it was announced some schools would have an early dismissal. A long line of school buses bolloxed up the works. Then there was the ass in front of me, in a beater car holding up the line because he went into the store after pumping his gas but he left his car in the lane. Not nice. He strolled out with a pack of cigs, tamped the pack on the roof of his car three or four times, then took his sweet time to get in and leave. I had to really contain myself not to sit on my horn or call him all kinds of names.

At Shoprite, I went on the hunt for clementines. Seems there are no longer really clementines. Last year, no problem. This year, it’s all mandarin oranges (and those have seeds) and these oddballs, Clementeenies. 😂

My Samsung is still dead, although it came alive for about ten minutes this morning. No decision as to a replacement. I need to go somewhere to touch and feel. I’ll wait til early next week and hop over to Port Chester’s Costco or head up to Norwalk’s Best Buy.

We’ve narrowed the field of places and times to have mom’s 100th birthday and my 70th. Mom will be at a fun resort in NW CT, over Columbus Day weekend. Mine will be in the city. Some laser tag. Some wining and dining. Some sightseeing.

Otherwise, not much else to report. Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Hello there, I was thinking about you last night. We (don’t ask me why!) watched the Letterman/Obama show on Netflix last night and I about hit the fan when Obama said something like “Michelle talked about how First Lady is an unpaid job”and I’m sure we would have had the same reaction, and laundry list of reasons that statement is f***ed Af.

    We only have a bit of snow, but slush is accumulating on the front doorstep and no where else. I just swept it, but now I’m worried it’s going to freeze into an ice rink.

    On another note, I found a curriculum of sorts that uses the west wing series to teach civics, so we have been having many interesting conversations with the 7th grader, and enjoying rewatching that show.

    1. I’m impressed you suffered the indignities of watching Letterman interviewing Obama. Barack is so holier than thou and Letterman, he’s gone full TrumpHate. I would have thrown tomatoes at the screen or shouted obscenities at the TV.

      We actually got more snow than I thought. Big flakes that stuck on the tree limbs very beautifully. No major accumulation but heavenly quiet and pretty.

      Have your boys been to DC- seen the White House or the halls of Congress? I think in the old days visitors used to be able to sit in on a session. Probably no longer allowed.

        1. What is that??? I’m going to need coffee before seeing the whole clip. Wait. I’ll be back in a bit.

          Okay, two+ cups of java and I still can’t figure out if I’m supposed to hate the foul mouthed young girl or if she’s to be perceived as brilliant for her opinions. Help.

      1. I don’t know about the brilliance of her opinions, but, she’s not afraid to express them. I’d have to view more of her stuff to gauge her enlightenment, but, from what I’ve seen, she is a lot more intelligent than a lot of YouTubing ‘adults’. I’ll give her credit for excellent video skills that go far beyond the usual boring vblog; some language is cringey, but, maybe that’s how kids talk when they’re among their peers? So the answer is that you are not supposed to hate the foul mouthed girl – she provides a contrast to the idiotic, fat, communist kid.

  2. Have you tried satsumas? Reputed to be the best of the small orange varieties. It’s seedless and peels easily. Bought some yesterday at Whole Foods.
    TV sets usually go on sale in January, right before the Super Bowl. Costco would be my choice with its great return policy and warranty.
    Great that birthday plans are moving long nicely. What could be more fun than a fun resort? October sounds perfect for the centennial celebration. And, there’s no love quite like NYC for a birthday party. Loads of possibilities there. A cruise around the island, perhaps?
    A couple of inches of snow fell today. Not enough to make things pretty, only dreary.

    1. Never heard of satsumas. Not seen them at either Shoprite or Stop n Shop. When I get to Costco, I’ll look there or stop at the Greenwich Whole Foods. I bought a large bag of pink grapefruit instead and eat at least two a day. They are delicious.

  3. Ditto on the satsuma mandarins. Don’t be put off by the odd-looking wrinkly skin. Delicious and seedless. Juicier and more toothsome than clementines. Once not often seen in stores around here, I keep noticing more of them every year. They must finally be catching on.

    “Beater car” sent me to Google; hadn’t heard that one before.

    1. I think because I’ve never heard of satsuma oranges I’ve never looked for them. Now that I know, my eyes will be open.Thanks.
      No way. You didn’t know what a beater car is??

  4. Is the fun resort in NW CT The Mayflower by chance? If so, holy mackerel! I can’t afford to even think about staying at that place.
    BTW the snow plow just went by. We have virtually no accumulation. Nothing. I’m guessing that driver makes about $100 an hour.

    1. Not the Mayflower but where we expect to book isn’t exactly low end. With 16+ going, no place is gonna be affordable when you calculate the rooms and meals. Heck, mom is only 100 once!

  5. Interlaken? 16 of you anywhere is going to be a heavy hit. It’s going to be absolutely fabulous, though.

    1. Nope. Not Interlaken.
      When you get to celebrating 100, money is not even a consideration. We only want to have fun at a place mom would love. The majority crossed a beach house off the list, preferring they say, to have others cook and clean. Plus, my mom is not totally a beach person.

      1. I like the have others cook and clean idea. As you say, it’s a once in a lifetime event. Might as well go whole hog and then some.
        Must feel good to have the date and location nailed down.

        1. It came together far faster than I guessed. Once this location was suggested, Columbus Day weekend was also suggested. The resort had availability. Check done.

    1. I think I’d get along fine with Mrs. Stern. She takes no guff and does things her own way. Good for her. I’m not much for pink so I’ll pass but sweet of you to think of me. I see the current bid is at full asking $55k. Is it worth that and more?

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