I think I’m too dumb to own a smart tv

This little 32″ Samsung TV that hangs in the reading nook off the breakfast room bit the dust today.

It’s been cycling on and off for several days now, like a ghost is in the room. It just turns off. Stays off for anywhere between a couple of seconds and a few minutes, yesterday during the Vikings game with twelve seconds left in the game, the TV went off. Yikes!!!

Today, it went off and hasn’t come back on. I’ve Googled the hell out of the problem. There’s a reference to a Capacitator that goes bad. Whatever that is. I’ve done the obvious – unplugged everything for thirty seconds. The cord into the back of the TV and the plug into the wall outlet. Both. I’ve checked the cords. I’ve plugged other things into the outlet. Outlet works. It isn’t the cable box or Cablevision’s problem. The cable box stays on. It’s the TV.

Soooooooo, do I spring for a Smart TV with Roku or get the one with OLED or QLED, or 4K? Or stick to the Dumb TV?

I’m the only one I know without a Smart TV but I find them creepy. They know what the viewer is watching and keeps notes. No thanks. If I want to watch a Friends marathon, then that should be no one’s business but my own. Of course, with a Smart TV, there’s Netflix and Roku and lots more viewing options that might be a good reason to downgrade my Cablevision channel package.

Smart TV’s ain’t cheap. I’m thinking I’d like to spend $300 at Target. Not $30000.

I’m going to leave the breakfast room Samsung off for a couple of days. Maybe it’s trying to tell me I have it on too much?? A subtle messaging of sorts? There are plenty of (far too many) other TVs in the house but with no real news today other than the continuation of the tiring Trump is a racist meme, and the laughable fact that Bradley aka Chelsea Manning is running for Senate in Maryland, no TV on at all today isn’t a bad idea.

The only other real funny this weekend was when ABC News reporter Ali Rogin asked in a Tweet if this CBS reporter on Face the Nation was standing at a tire graveyard. Ali got Twitter-schooled pretty quickly. Time to get out of your bubble Ali!

Happy Monday.

24 thoughts on “I think I’m too dumb to own a smart tv

      1. Smart tv’s can be found for under $200. Check Best Buy and Amazon for small, 32” ones. For $500, you can get a pretty spiffy tv with more bells and whistles than you need- or want. I don’t know if you can get a dumb tv any more.
        My suggestion is to go to Costco, Target or even, Walmart (yikes!) and pick up a cheap tv. They’re all so much better than those old, 21” console, black and white models on which I watched Sky King and Mighty Mouse. They were the ones with the finicky vertical hold button and lots and lots of snow.

        1. Costco is on my go-to list this week. I get their email alerts of deals and one was a Samsung TV. I think you are right that buying a dumb TV is not an option anymore. Like buying a dumb washing machine where you select the cycle with a dial and press start. No more.

  1. Be very afraid of Chelsea Manning’s run for Senate. She could easily win. It’s Maryland after all, the bluest of the blue states. I’d like to folow the money – who is funding her campaign? Soros? I think Manning is too sick for even Soros’s twisted mind.

    Manning has a campaign video out that requires a signing in to prove age. It’s awful. She hates cops. She hates America. She should still be in jail.

    1. You are right that Manning could win. Some Dems are crying foul, saying Manning is the candidate being puppetted by the Russians in order to oust Cardin. This is Obama’a America and would be Hillary’s America too had she been elected. Scary.

  2. Best tv I’ve ever had is a TCL. It’s a SmartTV with built in Roku. Huge modern Chinese factory. And inexpensive. Check it out.

  3. Guilty. I like the Sony name, love the Sony styling and got my XBR-A1E for $2k when Sony was doing their black friday sale.

    Ever seen “Creature Comforts”? Evidently interviews with random people that they amimate:

    1. For the longest time Sony was the ONLY brand of TV to be bought, after the age of Philco. I owned Sony No Baloney TVs as far back as I can remember buying my own, and then Sony prices were regulated. No one could lower the price. The first non-Sony I bought was about 15 years ago, when I traded three children and four goats for a Sharp TV. Big mother TV with a price tag I’d be embarrassed to report. I shocked myself I paid so much. And I bought two!! I had trouble right away with one but got it replaced free by being a dogged consumer, calling Samsung HQ in NJ until I got satisfaction. They still work today, flat(ish) screens, but Cablevision’s remotes don’t like working with the Sharps. The two Samsung’s are what I call ancillary TVs, not ones for the big game etc.
      I saw a few gorgeous Sony’s at Costco and it made me pine for the good old name. Samsung is eating their dust tho.

      My god, the creature lip syncing is fabulous. Loved it. Thanks.

        1. Niiiiiiice. The problem for me is the tv that died is not the big primary tv. It’s in a cubby off the kitchen which because of the room’s radiant heat and proximity to the coffee pot, makes it the default viewing. When the time comes to replace the big tv (soon), then we’ll look at the 55-65” category.
          The dead Samsung is 32” I think.

        2. Was the first soundbar a Sony product? Are you happy with the second one? Who makes it? (Sonos?) I’m on the brink of buying an A1E. Sorry to have missed Black Friday. Good for you for pouncing.

        3. Anon, the first sound bar was a Sony SA-NT5 if I read the label correctly in my garage just now. I can give you a VERY good price on this; I can’t resell on Amazon the last I looked. It sounded great in the store, but not in my house. I bought this model TV about a year ago and paid substantially more. As for the new soundbar, it was custom made for this modern house through one of the local bandit integrators. I have expunged its price from my memory. But it is pretty good.

    2. Holden, your Sony XBR-A1E is beautiful. The C-NET reviews are equally impressive and the $2k price tag is a steal. What time are you hosting the Super Bowl party?

      1. OLED is awesome and I liked the easel-type support over the current fare, so it was a no-brainer when the price reached my ability to pay. I still don’t have it out of the box yet!

  4. Love love love that video! Nick Park of Ardman Entertainment made that video as well as a number of 1/2 hour claymation short films around two characters: Wallace ( brit who makes all sort of gadgets) & Gromit (his dog) that are fabulous: A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, and full movie (Chicken Run) voiced by Mel Gibson. All wonderful. Kids love them.

        1. I love the sheep. When he hears the electric shears coming. And the horses, spooning. And the Jewish cockroaches in the city. Every one is incredibly clever. I’d kill to have that kind of talent to create that.

  5. At daughter Sarah’s urging, a year ago I bought a big TV so the two of us could watch Patriots games, fire going, father/daughter stuff; you get it. Trouble is, I have absolutely no idea how to operate it, so I’m stuck with the three networks and some local public access channels (they mostly run lectures by 9/11 “Truthers”, and PBS channels rebroadcasting Lawrence Welk shows from the 60s. Sarah, the little rat, moved to Colorado for a new job, so my $500 TV hangs on the wall, unused, except when a Patriots game is on one of the networks — I don’t get ESPN (I bought the cheapest, down-and-dirty cable package, mostly for internet access fifty bucks), so I lose a couple of the 16 games.

    No big deal: I don’t watch TV except for the aforesaid games, but a couple of weeks ago I bought an Amazon Firestick, figuring that, as long as I’m an Amazon Prime member, I might as well take advantage of the movies they offer. Pal Nancy gave me an “Echo” for Christmas (no, I don’t allow it to communicate with other users), and supposedly, I can stick the Firestick into some port on the TV and then use Echo to control it.

    Will it work? I have no idea; it’s still in its box, but I’ll probably give it a try sometime this winter. I’ll report back.

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