2018: The Year of the Big Celebrations

We’re already knee-deep into planning my mother’s 100th and my 70th, trying to coordinate family and friends – where to go, when to go, who to include, who to skip


It’s no easy feat coordinating so many people, all of whom have lives, schedules, jobs, families. The biggest question for my mother’s 100th is WHEN – do we wait until Thanksgiving again, or try and plan something over the summer. Or celebrate twice? So far, in group emails, we’ve run up against more weekends in the summer that DON’T work – one side of the family is heading to Australia for two weeks in June. Another is heading to North Carolina for an in-law side family reunion. There’s camp for the middle-aged ones.

Mom doesn’t want to fly so we’re thinking of renting a big house on the Delaware, Maryland, or New Jersey shore. Counter-intuitive you say, considering we own enough houses on the RI shore to house the whole gang, but that would mean going down to Delaware to pick up mom and bringing her UP to RI. This way, if we do a Delaware or NJ shore, we all go down that direction, gather mom easily, and celebrate.

Cape May could be fun. Or the old Delaware haunt of Rehoboth or Dewey Beach. But so many gorgeous spots on the Maryland shore too. We’re scouring VRBO for houses with 10+ bedrooms and one with a master bedroom and bath on the first floor so mom doesn’t have to scale lots of stairs. Surprisingly, lots of choices. But maybe the better idea is to ask a realtor, rather than going through VRBO??

We think a house would be more fun than a big resort – more time to be together and we have enough people who can cook to share the duties.

My 70th, I think we’ll do something similar – rent a big old house and party til we drop. If we celebrate my birthday when it really is, in mid-April, we should be able to easily rent a big old house on Lake George or someplace near enough to everyone coming from hither and yon. There’s family in Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa, and Boston to consider – and of course, the NY contingent is close enough around not to consider them out-of-town. Easter is oddly early this year, April 1. So do I drag people away over Easter weekend when the kids would be out of school anyway, or ask them to give up a day of work and school when my birthday actually drops?

I need a Social Director to help with all the planning. That’s where you all come in. Any thoughts of where to throw the dart for mom’s 100th and my 70th?



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  1. We’re hoping to be your Florida family!! 😀😀 Count us in.

    Which shore depends on the degree of boardwalk busy you want. Maryland shore brings to mind quiet. NJ shore lots of shops and taffy.

  2. For your mom’s birthday, The Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michael’s Maryland. Went to a wedding there last summer. Gorgeous. I think it’s where Wedding Crashers was filmed. It’s not a house but it’s very special.

    1. Oh, I love the Inn at Perry Cabin.

      But a house sounds more fun, hanging out and cooking together. Maybe trek out to a nice dinner at the Inn. We are still trying to get to Chincoteague, but I don’t think it’ll be that fun in late January, and we are planning to drive back through the Smokies (so much more relaxing and we miss Baltimore, DC and Philly traffic). Maybe in the spring…

      Peter, is it the storms that are driving you out of Miami? I am ready for some warms!

      1. Agree for our large and varied brood, a house is better. More freedom. Plus, one night out would be fun. Or have a huge blue crab fest in the backyard – mallets, beer, and all. Mmmmm.

        The Smoky mountains are among the prettiest in the nation. Tennessee is God’s country. You’ll love it.

      2. My wife has declared she’s done with Florida. And when she speaks, I listen. The emotional after effects of the hurricane unglued her. I will go wherever she wants.

        1. I can understand that, those two big ones were really unnerving, and we don’t even own anything. Are you heading up the coast? I’ve always had it as a given that we’d be on the water, but I’m starting to feel a pull to the desert Southwest.

        2. We’ve been looking lots of places. We’ve eliminated northwest North Carolina (Boone etc) and plan to spend a year (after we sell) looking seriously at SC.

          My wife is a gem and she’s put up with me so long, going where my job has taken me – it’s my turn to pay her back to let her choose where we live next.

  3. I think I might check into food trucks for “catered” meals for a big crowd like yours. We have some locally here in SC – 1 specializes in lobster rolls, one in fabulous fried chicken and another in barbecue & ribs. Surely there will be something similar wherever you end up. It sounds like a monumental job getting so many people together!

  4. Peter, curious why you’ve eliminated North Carolina, and which parts of SC interest you.
    Husband and I really want to leave CT and he asked me to choose five places I’d want to live.
    His first choice is FL. He grew up there.
    I’m at a loss as to where to go.

    1. North Carolina is becoming too politically left, what with so many NY and CT residents fleeing and bringing their Dem mindset. Miami is lovely on many counts but its diversity isn’t the good kind. Lots of homeless. Crazy people. Crime. SC meets more of our requirements politically and socially. Where in SC is to be determined as part of the process after we sell the Miami house is to live a few places in SC until we feel at home.

  5. You must be listening to the media go batshit crazy over Trump’s comments today, referring to shithole countries. I thought it was riotous. CNN says THIS comment will be Trump’s undoing.

    1. Oh yes. It’s all over Twitter like white on rice. I will say it was NOT a smooth move on Trump’s part. Dumb. Was he right? Yes. But he’ll catch a raft of shit back. Mia Love has criticized Trump and she’s a R. Her parents are Haitian.

        1. Oh please. Meryl Streep makes my skin crawl. I think I could be that person who throws a pie in her face if I were close enough to her.
          And Tom Hanks, what he said in that interview-that Oprah wakes up and thinks of how to make the world better? Who writes that crap??

      1. Even Ann Coulter is in on the shithole controversy.

  6. I vote Delaware or NJ shore where the activity level is high enough to amuse every age group. Maryland will be prettier but quieter.

    Your hurdle will be in finding a house to rent for a short period of time. Most houses have a one or two week minimum at peak summer times.

  7. For your mother’s 100th a fabulous party at her club could be a lot of fun. Block off a bunch of hotel rooms. Come up with the guest list, the menu, the musicians and leave the rest to the club.
    For your own birthday, it sounds like all ages will attend the celebration and you want a relaxed atmosphere. I’d probably have the party catered at my own house with some interesting, creative, clever entertainment.

    1. My mom does not want to be in Wilmington for her birthday. She feels if we have a party for her, she’ll be obliged to invite all her senior community and so many many other people it would be huge. We did that for my dads 80th, a big bash at the club, and that was fine and fun, but mom dug her heels in and said No.

  8. I see her point. Have you reached a consensus on when to have the celebration? My vote for a house rental would be for September. Booking an entire small inn/B&B could work, too.
    As for a present, arrange lunch with POTUS? You can always ask.

    1. My sister suggested Winivan, a very very posh and luxurious resort in NW Connecticut. It’s not remotely what tone I wanted to set but several in the email chain have thought it would be a good idea. It’s obscenely expensive and geared to NYers who don’t ever get out of the city so I may have to redirect the conversation to a house rental. September looks like the consensus time.
      As for lunch with Trump, I would love nothing more and I think I could pull it off. With enough connections and mom being 100, it is something that is doable. Of course, my sister and her older daughter are huge Resist fans and they’d be aghast. So all the more reason to go for it. 😂😂😂😂

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