A Prescient Purchase

Back before Thanksgiving when we did a huge Costco run, in the cart I threw some raw and unfiltered honey. I didn’t know what raw honey even was or why I felt the need to buy it when I have sone good clover honey in the pantry, but there it was, home with me.

Lo and behold, the honey is now front and center on the kitchen counter, getting used daily…..me with a dry hacking cough that started back on the ship.

Lots of people had a cough. No cold. Not flu. No runny nose. No aches. No fever. Just a deep dry hacking cough. The kind of cough that makes your ribs ache. Mr. EOS got it first. Cabins on either side of us had some version of it. Then I got it. And I still have it. Mr. EOS still has a bit of it but for him, it’s mostly gone. I’m bothered more by it at night, waking to hack away, waking Mr. EOS up in the process.

I’ve slathered Vick’s on my chest and consumed gallons of orange juice. I’ve had tea with honey until I’ve turned into a tea bag, had some bourbon with honey, to no avail yet.

It’s annoying as hell because I’m otherwise fine. It’s not as if I’m needing to be under the covers – I feel chipper and full of vim, until I start coughing. Then I double over. Bonus indignation, we women have the added joy of Cough and Pee moments. 😬😂😬

It’s otherwise a gorgeous day. Bright sunshine. Warming up past freezing even.

Happy Tuesday.

12 thoughts on “A Prescient Purchase

  1. I got the same dry cough in Cabo. Hacked my way home on the airplane annoying the hell out of the people around me. I am on the mend though, only coughing when I lie down.

  2. We put our Miami house up for sale. To keep that winter cough at bay, Move down to Florida for some winter sunshine and buy my house! Only flooded out once! 😬

      1. We’re going to be homeless for a while, maybe a year plus, spending a few months here and there until we decide where to eventually land. Of course, our plan depends on someone stepping up to buy our house. The disclosure document is very detailed and yes we had to declare the house flooded. The good news for any buyer is the house first floor is 100% new. We think we’ll sell quickly. It’s a nice family neighborhood.

        1. Good luck. I like the idea of being a roving USA resident until you throw the dart. I’d like that freedom myself. I’m chomping at the bit to sell this house in NY but the timing just isn’t right yet.

        1. OMG! I was so not expecting that meme. Classic! I may have to steal that.

          Oprah would have to divest herself of her media corporation to become president. She has no children to hand over the reins either. It won’t happen.

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