Stop it. Just Stop it.

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Season 75

I woke this morning to Oprah For President mania – craziness like I’ve never heard, after some speech Oprah delivered at the Golden Globes last night (that I refused to watch!). Some crap about empowering women …don’t get me started on the word empowering. And really don’t get me started on Oprah.

NBC didn’t hide their agenda for 2020…tweeting respect for OUR future president. NBC later (12 hours later) deleted the tweet, said it was in reference to some joke made in a GG monologue, but I only look stupid. We all know where NBC stands, and it isn’t with Trump.


So, do people want Oprah for President because she’s a woman? Because she’s a black woman? Because she’s successful? Because she’s lost so much weight on Weight Watchers (that she owns a percentage of!)? Because she looks smart wearing glasses?

Oprah, in my mind, is as much a hypocrite as Meryl Streep, distancing herself from all the pervy Hollywood men and pervy politicians, saying the words that sheeple women seem to want to hear, but in my head are meaningless. It’s not as if Oprah herself sat and typed that speech. Hollywood crafted it for her to make her sound like she cares about how women have been treated. These photos belie her speech.

There’s no doubt Oprah made her billions the hard way – she earned every penny and for that she gets tons of credit in my book. She had the most successful TV show ever but when she retired from the daily grind, something in her changed. Maybe she realized she didn’t have to cater to the white women anymore, the ones who faithfully watched her show, and the ones whose devotion to her made her billions. Her tone changed about whites. She became strident. She was vocal in her TrumpHate. She laughed off running for president last time this mania reared its ugly head, but this time, her beau Steadman (I guess he’d be First Boyfriend?) was interviewed and he said, Yes She would run. And, he added, she’d win.

I don’t doubt she could win. The media would be all in for her like they were for Obama. It was the black vote that DID NOT come out for Hillary that was part and parcel of Hillary’s demise and they would come out for Oprah. Most assuredly. But is that enough to discount even MORE Deplorable voters for Trump in 2020? I think we Deplorables have dug our heels in deep – we intend to carry Trump over the finish line in 2020 too, no matter whether Oprah offers up a new car for everyone who votes for her.

I don’t see Oprah giving up her lifestyle to be in the White House but then again, if she thought she could be the first female and the first black female president, it might be tough to turn away. Will she run?



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  1. My wife was a big Oprah fan during the show’s heyday. She felt Oprah got at the meat of a subject and that people liked her because she was real. She struggled with issues regular people do. But my wife explains, Oprah did change. She got all preachy – her shows were how WE could achieve spiritual greatness like she has. Her guests were all experts to teach us what Oprah has. I don’t think that’ll fly with Deplorables. Not at all.

  2. Trump will set NBC straight. I can’t wait to see the Fake News Awards.

    “The Fake News Awards, those going to the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media, will be presented to the losers on Wednesday, January 17th, rather than this coming Monday. The interest in, and importance of, these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated!”

  3. I agree with Scott Adams:

    NBC is already blaming the dog for sending that tweet:

    1. I don’t know about Oprah. She’s an enigma to me. Part of me nods at what Scott Adams says but the rest of methinks Oprah sees herself as Our Savior. That she and her hot mess gurus can set us straight. Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Ilyana…..all three pure 1000% crapweasels put up on an Oprah pedestal. I don’t get their appeal at all.

      NBC can’t get out of this – no way no how. Third party, ha ha ha.

    1. I know you didn’t mean oriole but it’s too funny to change. I’m picturing a scene from Hitchcock’s The Birds, hundreds of dead orioles dropping from the sky!!!

    1. Yikes. I didn’t see a one whose look appealed to me. And I was shocked that the blog host liked Kate Hudson’s look. Holy cow, Kate looked sickly and the dress was hideous. The whole idea of wearing a black dress was phony, as phony as the cause.

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